‘He will bitterly regret it’: Jeremy Carl warns Keir Starmer against ‘anti-white racism’ or risk CHAOS

‘He will bitterly regret it’: Jeremy Carl warns Keir Starmer against ‘anti-white racism’ or risk CHAOS
Jeremy Carl: Keir Starmer will regret adopting anti-white racism
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 24/05/2024

- 12:27

Updated: 24/05/2024

- 12:45

Carl recently published a book on how 'anti-white racism is tearing America apart'

Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Jeremy Carl has urged Sir Keir Starmer not to adopt “anti-white” narratives if he is to become Prime Minister of the UK.

He told GB News US reporter Steven Edginton that Starmer would “bitterly regret” opening the “Pandora’s box” of anti-white sentiments.

Carl, who recently published a book about “how anti-white racism is tearing America apart”, was quizzed by Steven about grooming gangs in Rotherham, a case where institutions “that should have been standing up for those young, white girls were terrified of talking about it and intervening because of their skin colour”.

Steven asked Carl about whether this could become more of a risk if Sir Keir Starmer becomes prime minister in July.

Sir Keir Starmer and Jeremy Carl

Jeremy Carl has warned Starmer against 'anti-white racism'


“I think for Sir Keir Starmer to open this up, it’s a Pandora’s box”, he replied.

“I think if he does it, even if he thinks there’s a short term political advantage to doing it, he will bitterly regret it.


“I am not an expert on UK politics, but I know Labour’s traditional white working class support has kind of evaporated over the years.

“I think that’s because they perceive that maybe Labour didn’t really stand up for them and their interests. If he thinks he can control that genie and put it back in the box, he’s going to find otherwise.”

Carl added that he believes “anti-white” sentiments are becoming more of a problem in the UK compared to the US.

He said that on a social level, the country has “worked painfully” through it and the US is “coming out on the other side of it”.

Steven Edginton

Steven Edginton quizzed Jeremy Carl about how the UK may look


Jeremy Carl

Jeremy Carl joined Steven Edginton on GBN America


He added: “We have the language and the ways to deal with it.

“I think in the UK, you’re much earlier in that discussion in terms of just grappling with the reality of the UK as a multicultural society.

“If Starmer wants to open that up just for an electoral advantage, he’s going to find that the long term implications for Great Britain are going to be really unpleasant.”

In the first poll since Rishi Sunak announced the election, it was announced that Labour has a 17-percentage point lead over Rishi Sunak’s Labour.

The poll, conducted by More in Common, showed that from just over 2,000 people, there was 44 per cent support for Labour and 27 per cent for the Conservatives.

Meanwhile, Reform are on 10 per cent while the Liberal Democrats are on nine per cent.

The Green Party were on five per cent.

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