Donald Trump’s New York fraud ruling labelled a ‘gift’ as ex-president soars in polls

Donald Trump’s New York fraud ruling labelled a ‘gift’ as ex-president soars in polls

Andrew Pierce says Trump's New York fraud ruling is a 'gift'

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 27/09/2023

- 18:34

The ruling suggests the 77-year-old defrauded banks and insurers for years

A New York judge's ruling that Donald Trump committed fraud by repeatedly misrepresenting his wealth by hundreds of millions of dollars has been labelled a “gift” for the ex-president as he vies for a second term.

The ruling suggests the 77-year-old defrauded banks and insurers for years, and will likely see him struggle to carry out business in the state going forward.

Trump and the other defendants in the case from his family business have argued that they never committed fraud.

Speaking on GB News, Greg Swenson from Republicans Overseas claim it comes as part of a “witch hunt” against the former president, with host Andrew Pierce adding that the ruling is a “gift” for Trump.

Andrew Pierce and Donald Trump

Andrew Pierce says Trump has been dealt a 'gift'


“You could really argue that this is a witch-hunt”, said Swenson.

“I wouldn’t advocate or cover for Trump on a lot of the things he does and a lot of his wounds are self-inflicted.

“It’s pretty obvious that this is the weaponisation of the justice system.”

Trump is facing a multitude of proceedings, consisting of 91 felony charges across four criminal cases.


Trump has pleaded not guilty in each of the cases.

The latest ruling was branded a “gift” by GB News host Andrew Pierce, who claimed the American public are generally in support of the view that Trump is the subject of a stitch-up.

“It’s playing to his strengths, isn’t it? This is a gift”, he said.

Swenson said Pierce’s view is vindicated by Trump’s indictments, adding that his polling numbers surged as a result.

Trump at a rallyTrump has plead not guilty to all his chargesReuters

He said: “The first big indictment was the Alvin Bragg indictment, which was very political.

“He ran on the campaign slogan of ‘Get Trump’, and when he announced his indictment, Trump’s numbers went up 30 points.”

According to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, Trump holds a commanding double-digit lead over Biden before next year’s election.

The 77-year-old is ahead of Biden among registered voters by 52 per cent to 42 per cent in the latest poll, with Biden’s waning popularity said to be down to concerns about his age and his handling of the economy.

The poll found that 44 per cent of Americans believe they are worse off financially under his administration.

While Trump appears to hold an unassailable lead in the race for the Republican nomination, increased legal issues continue to raise questions about his viability.

Other big names desperate for the chance to pit themselves up against Biden include Ron DeSantis, who continues to fail in his bid to make inroads into Trump’s stranglehold on the position.

The findings put the pressure on Joe Biden, with the Democrat nomination not a foregone conclusion for the incumbent president.

Finding an alternative candidate may be a difficult task, with eight per cent calling for vice-president Kamala Harris to step up and the same number calling for Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

According to the poll, 20 per cent would simply prefer “someone else”.

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