'There are valid concerns!' Albie Amankona FURIOUS after David Tennant trans speech - 'So irritating'

'There are valid concerns!' Albie Amankona FURIOUS after David Tennant trans speech - 'So irritating'

Albie Amankona fumes over David Tennant speech

GB News
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 26/06/2024

- 15:11

The Doctor Who actor has locked horns with politician Kemi Badenoch after he sparked controversy with his comments at this year's British LGBT Awards

Political commentator Albie Amankona has been left fuming after David Tennant made a controversial speech at the British LGBT Awards.

The actor, who was accepting an award for being a "celebrity ally" to the trans community, said during his speech that he wished the Equalities Minister would "shut up".

He also suggested that until people like Badenoch "don't exist anymore", the issue of trans rights will continue to be a talking point.

Badenoch has since hit back at Tennant, branding him a "rich, lefty, white male celebrity" and defended her stance for wanting to ban trans women from women’s toilets and sports teams in order to protect females.

David TennantTennant won an award at the British LGBT AwardsGetty

She also insisted she "will not shut up" or be "silenced by men who prioritise applause from Stonewall over the safety of women and girls".

Speaking about the actor's comments on GB News, Amankona said: "I think David Tennant is in the wrong The trans and gender ideology debate is a very fraught debate."


Amankona also discussed the Prime Minister who has waded in on the debate today, telling David Tennant "you are the problem."

The commentator added: "I think it's clever politicking because I would imagine most people agree with Kemi Badenoch and Rishi Sunak on this issue.

"Now, if you're asking me, do I think this is the most important issue crossing either of their desks just a week before an election, basically ten days before an election?

"No, of course it's not. But it's politicking. And I think it's quite clever politicking in what has been a very bad election campaign."

Albie Amankona

Albie Amankona fumed after the speech

GB News

Weighing in on the row today, the Prime Minister said: “Freedom of speech is the most powerful feature of our democracy.

"If you’re calling for women to shut up and wishing they didn’t exist, you are the problem."

In his acceptance speech, David Tennant said: "If I'm honest I'm a little depressed by the fact that acknowledging that everyone has the right to be who they want to be and live their life how they want to live it as long as they're not hurting anyone else should merit any kind of special award or special mention because it's common sense, isn't it?

"It is human decency. We shouldn't live in a world where that is worth remarking on.

Kemi Badenoch

Kemi Badenoch hit back at the actor


"However, until we wake up and Kemi Badenoch doesn't exist any more – I don't wish ill of her, I just wish her to shut up – whilst we do live in this world, I am honoured to receive this.

"I am thrilled to be here and to be a part of this night – Pride is very important in our house, it's a family affair, we have skin in the game, so this event tonight thrills me.

"It gives me hope, it gives me fire, it gives me energy and deep joy, and even if I feel I don't really deserve this, I'm very pleased and very proud to be receiving it."

The Tory general election manifesto vows to make clear that "sex means biological sex" in the Equality Act as the party promises to protect female-only spaces.

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