Kemi Badenoch criticised after bitter spat with David Tennant: 'No need to resort to race!'

Kemi Badenoch criticised after bitter spat with David Tennant: 'No need to resort to race!'

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 26/06/2024

- 09:04

The Doctor Who star claimed the Conservative candidate 'shouldn't exist anymore'

Conservative Candidate Kemi Badenoch has been criticised for "resorting to race" following her row with Doctor Who actor David Tennant.

The 53-year-old actor sparked fury with Badenoch after he called for her to "shut up" and "not exist anymore" during his acceptance speech at the British LGBTQIA+ Awards.

Tennant told the crowd: "Until we wake up and Kemi Badenoch doesn’t exist anymore – I don’t wish ill of her, I just wish her to shut up – whilst we do live in this world, I am honoured to receive."

Taking to social media, Badenoch blasted the actor on X, formerly Twitter, and declared she will "not be silenced" by "men who prioritise applause from Stonewall over the safety of women and girls".

David Tennant and Kemi Badenoch

Kemi Badenoch has hit back at David Tennant after telling her to 'shut up' during an awards speech

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Badenoch added: "A rich, lefty, white male celebrity so blinded by ideology he can’t see the optics of attacking the only black woman in government by calling publicly for my existence to end."

Discussing the row on GB News, Headliners panellists Simon Evans, Leo Kearse and Josh Howie criticised the Tory candidate for "resorting to race" in the dispute.

Howie highlighted that the "issue" for Tennant is that he is an avid supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community and also has a non-binary child.

He argued: "But what a coincidence that you have all these rich celebrities, and a huge proportion of them way outside of the number of actual trans people, just happen to have trans or non-binary children."

David Tennant

Tennant was met with applause following his remarks during an acceptance speech at the British LGBTQIA+ Awards


Criticising Badenoch's part of her statement where she mentions her race, Evans admitted he had his "teeth set on edge" by her pointing it out.


Evans fumed: "What do you think about Kemi highlighting the fact that he's white and she's the only black woman in Government?

"Because to me, that actually that sets my teeth on edge slightly. She doesn't need to resort to that."

Agreeing with Evans, Howie added: "I totally agree with you, but I think that's the one part of the statement that if anything, it does point out the hypocrisy of him seemingly calling out this woman from a very far left position. Who are you to do so?"

In criticism of Tennant's attack on Badenoch, Howie continued: "He said I wish that she'd end, and then realised how terrible that sounded, and then was like, oh no, I don't mean any of it.

Simon Evans

Simon Evans claimed the remarks made by Badenoch about race 'set his teeth on edge'

GB News

"No, you just said that she shouldn't exist. It doesn't get worse than that. You want a black woman to shut up? That's not good optics."

In another part of Badenoch's statement, the Conservative hit out at Tennant's support for Labour and warned that their stance on gender issues will impact Britain if they win the election.

Badenoch fumed: "Tennant is one of Labour’s celebrity supporters. This is an early example of what life will be like if they win.

"Keir Starmer stood by while Rosie Duffield was hounded. He and his supporters will do the same with the country. Do not let the bigots and bullies win."

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