They say the camera never lies - if only that was true of the Royal Family, says Mark Dolan

They say the camera never lies - if only that was true of the Royal Family, says Mark Dolan

WATCH NOW: Mark Dolan shares his thoughts on Princess Kate's photo scandal

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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 17/03/2024

- 09:34

If the palace have nothing to hide, they should publish the original photograph

Oh dear, the Halo has slipped – or is it the Crown?

Lady Diana was the People's Princess, Kate Middleton was the perfect Princess. A discreet, devoted wife, a caring mother, a dutiful public servant.

Since she entered the Royal Family, she really hasn't put a foot wrong. But it's all come crashing down with a wildly photoshopped Mother's Day image.

I've got to say, before the veracity of this image was brought into question, it was already raising eyebrows, with many including the excellent broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer noticing Catherine was not wearing her wedding or engagement ring.

Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan shares his thoughts on Princess Kate's Mother's Day photograph

GB News

Now this was a significant official portrait – an image of the Royal Family on Mothering Sunday. Do you not think she would've put her rings on for that?

For a long time now, there has been wild and frankly nasty online speculation about her and William’s marriage. I've got no doubt that they are blissfully happy and William is a doting and loyal husband.

But a ringless photograph of his wife on Mother's Day will be a field day for those seeking to characterise this marriage as having a problem.

In my view that’s nonsense - the body language between the couple in public, and the smiling faces of their three happy children would suggest the Wales's are fine. But the gossip mongers and conspiracy theorists - far from being silenced by this image - have now been handed an early Christmas present, once it was revealed that several major news agencies pulled the photograph, over concerns it had been doctored and manipulated.

A perfunctory message on Twitter from Catherine herself confirms that she - like many amateur photographers - likes to experiment with editing, and she apologised for any confusion caused. Now I don't know about you, but I've certainly brightened up pictures of myself and the family, improved the contrast and tried to make the kids more attractive. Fighting a losing battle there.

But this photoshop fail was bizarre – just the scale of it alone. Why are there so many trees outside in full bloom this early in the year?

Part of Princess Charlotte's wrist is missing. In fact the photograph is thought to feature as many as 16 inconsistencies, including Prince George missing a foot. Surely a unique physical characteristic, that would've come to public attention by now. The single-footed Prince. And some are even suggesting that Princess Catherine has an Adam's apple, but I seriously doubt she is the first trans royal.

But if the palace have nothing to hide, they should publish the original photograph, which we’re told was taken by William. But I doubt they ever will, which is why the story will now will enter conspiratorial folklore forevermore.

In the end, there is a lesson for the Royal family and for all public figures. Be straight with us. You take a photograph of the family on Mother's Day and you publish it. The very fact that this image was doctored so comprehensively, is a problem for a monarchy that wants to be seen as authentic, real, credible and down-to-earth.

Meanwhile the questions “where is Kate” and what's going on with her health will only get louder. If you want my honest view, I don’t think she sat for that photo. It’s my view the whole thing was knocked up on a computer because poor Kate is not well enough for such a photo opportunity.

Which is why they should never have released the photo in the first place, whether real or not. It’s been a pantomime, an insult to the public’s intelligence and Kate’s first PR disaster. Frankly I think she should be left in peace to recover and get well.

We didn’t need this photo and this airbrushed PR nonsense – and do the palace really think we are that stupid? This saga has been a sorry one for the Royal Family and the rumours about Kate’s health and the Wales’s marriage will only intensify.

And from now on, how can we believe a photograph that's released by the palace, or a statement that's made? All that matters is Catherine’s health and her recovery. Everything else is just hot air. A fake image creates the sense of a fake family and a fake monarchy. They say the camera never lies. If only that was true of the Royal Family. We've just had a snapshot into what they’re really like.

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