Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix documentary series is 'pretty disrespectful', says Nana Akua

Nana Akua shares his thoughts on the Sussexes new documentary series
Nana Akua shares his thoughts on the Sussexes new documentary series
Nana Akua

By Nana Akua

Published: 10/12/2022

- 16:44

I think we've all seen enough.

What can I say, at the start of this docu-soap I was getting all the gushy loved up feelings watching the first bit. Harry and Meghan, the love story… ahh you almost got me.. you two.

But what followed once they’d softened me up, was a subliminal onslaught of digs at just how racist this country is, the one that gave them both their titles and afforded them the platform to systematically slag it off, yeah good old soft touch uk.

Having lived in this country for all of, I think it was 18 months, at our expense and most of which she spent in a palace or jetting around the world and doing a handful of engagements, where she was received pretty well.

Meghan appears to be pointing out that this backlash she is receiving is because of her race.

Er.. I’m black, how can you possibly know how that feels. I can no more know how it feels to be a mixed race woman that looks practically white, than you can to be black.

What a ridiculous and frankly insulting thing to say, especially given that she feels she’s been treated badly.

Her mum then actually spoke, I can see why she’d kept her trap shut all this time, she appeared to confirm that Meghan’s treatment was all about race.

Harry talks about how the other royal brides were treated badly, but with Meghan there is a race element. More talk about race than a story about how her mum was called the N word in America.

Although what that had to do with racism in the uk is beyond me, seriously if you want to escape racism why move there, one of the most racially divided countries in the world. It was almost laughable if they hadn’t actually appeared to be taking themselves so seriously.

And with two woke warriors to give us the historical context of the British Empire with clips of slave images and a story of a racist brooch worn by.

Prince Micheal of Kent, maybe it’s in the next episodes where we’ll see.

Meghan wearing the gifts from a dodgy Saudi prince, we got a lesson about the evil British Empire.

We see artwork depicting black people as slaves, which the voice over seems to imply are in the palaces, none of these images were by the way. The whole narrative seemed to point towards the view that the monarchy is institutionally racist.

Meghan tastelessly mocks curtsying to our dearly departed queen.

Pretty disrespectful.

These two really believe that their treatment was down to the fact that Meghan is biracial, although if you hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have guessed.

None of this could be down to the climate preaching, their treatment of staff, the ugly self pity in that awful Tom Bradbury piece when they visited people who’d had limbs blown off by land mines ‘nobody asks me how I am'.

The Oprah interview whilst Prince Phillip was dying, the rift between the two brothers and the fact that apart from Doria both of them don’t speak to any other members of their immediate families.

And now 3 months after the death of our Queen they are pumping out this bilge, none of this, it would seem they believe is their fault at all.

Look I’m not saying that they haven’t experienced racism, but my view of them has nothing to do with Meghan’s skin colour.

To be honest, we should’ve known, even the trailer felt pretty disingenuous where they claimed they would Unveil ‘the full truth’ about ‘dirty’ media tactics which they said forced them to their roles as working royals. A press ‘feeding frenzy’ Harry claimed targeted at his wife with a montage of paparazzi shots..

Only it turns out one of the pictures was taken from Katie Price’s court appearance. Crawley magistrates court is in the back ground, another where photographers are surrounding a limousine, those were taken from archive footage of Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen leaving his New York apartment for prison after he was jailed for tax fraud and lying, lol you couldn’t make it up.

Even in the teaser the press shots were actually from a Harry Potter Premier before they met.

There is of course no suggestion that they are trying to deceive us, but surely they could use their own stuff, after all, they did sneak a photographer into the palace.

The next three are out on Thursday.. I think after that, frankly it's curtains for this pair. I think we've all seen enough.

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