Politicians must EMBRACE Brexit and ignore media haters – but I have little faith they will, Dan Wootton says

dan wootton brexit 31 jan
Dan Wootton

By Dan Wootton

Published: 31/01/2023

- 21:17

The BBC and MSM has hated Brexit right from the start

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British Bashing Corporation so-called journalists “lack understanding of basic economics” and are guilty of “uninformed groupthink” when it comes to financial reporting.

That very honest revelation came from a report commissioned by – wait for it – the board of the BBC itself.

And while it focussed specifically on the corporation’s coverage of taxation, public spending, government borrowing and debt, all of that is relevant to how the Beeb has completely missed the point when it comes to our decision to leave the European Union, which I am celebrating the third anniversary of tonight.

From the start, the BBC, along with almost all of the MSM broadcast media, has hated Brexit.

According to them, supporters are racist, backward and stupid, rather than patriotic, sensible and passionate about the need for Britain to have sovereignty over our own affairs.

And, by being so stuck in their London metropolitan champagne socialist bubble, they failed to see the seismic decision coming that would become our biggest ever – and, in my opinion, greatest – democratic mandate.

So, of course, after very briefly licking their wounds, they began their campaign to diminish Brexit voters and paint the decision as a failure…

As ever, the BBC and the MSM miss a fundamental point

Brexit voters backed leaving the EU because of the importance for us to make our own decisions.

Of course, politicians could cock them up. And they have time and again in the past three years, failing to take advantage of many of the amazing opportunities provided by Brexit.

Ian West

But that doesn’t mean the decision to leave itself was wrong.

Not that you’d believe that by watching the current hysterical coverage around Brexit…

Heck, Guy Verhofstadt – the EU’s hater and wrecker Brexit coordinator – even used an interview this morning to blame the Ukraine war on our decision to leave…

The deranged campaign against Brexit will continue until these knuckleheads eventually drag us back into the EU.

What is missing in the coverage is the understanding that the blob and the political establishment want to do all they can to undermine our leave decision and set up imminent closer ties with the EU once, they predict, remoaner Keir Starmer is installed as PM.

We have now been free from the single market for over two years.

We have regained legislative autonomy, although the shameful Northern Ireland mess remains unresolved.

As the European Research Group pointed out today, we have the ability for freeports, animal welfare improvements, cheaper motor insurance, immigration controls, no annual EU budget payments and the option for tax reform.

But now our politicians must ignore the media haters and wreckers and prove that they will truly embrace Brexit to create a better United Kingdom.

Sadly, I have little faith they have the gumption to do that.

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