Lib Dems are simply Labour in sheep's clothing - Kwasi Kwarteng

Ed Davey
Liberal Democrat Sir Ed Davey
Kwasi Kwarteng

By Kwasi Kwarteng

Published: 02/07/2024

- 10:51

Updated: 04/07/2024

- 18:44

Kwasi Kwarteng was the former Chancellor of the Exchequer for the Conservative Party

If polls are to be believed, the Liberal Democrats will perform well on Thursday's election, winning dozens of seats across the UK.

But to what extent are they being genuinely liberal party committed to individual liberty and the sovereign individual.

I’d suggest they are, in reality, very similar to the Labour Party which all pundits expect to win the election comfortably.

On culture war type issues, transgender ideology, the rights of children to self-identify as whatever gender they please, on the full raft of some ideas, the Liberal Democrats are practically identical to Labour.

They are not really in opposition to the full fat Labour we all recognise. Rather, the Liberal Democrats are a more genteel version, a “Labour lite”, if you will. Their accents and emphasis may be different, but their ideas are practically the same as Labour.

They both share an ideological commitment to higher taxes and more state spending. They both remain embarrassed about certain aspects of British history.

They both have obviously leftist preferences regarding society, skepticism about the armed forces, a slack attitude to immigration, where the legitimate concerns of many British-born people are ignored or worse, despised. The idea that the Liberal Democrats will provide anything but the feeblest opposition to a resurgent Labour Party is absurd .

Yet they are predicted to win dozens of seats in the new parliament elected later this week. In a sense, they will be labour’s auxiliary troops, cementing an already large Labour majority, most likely.

For parties genuinely opposed to Labour wokery, the Liberal Democrats are no allies. Sir Ed Davey performed many stunts in a bid to be noticed during this campaign.

The best trick he has pulled so far is that he and his party represent any real, genuine alternative to a Labour Party, fresh from a resounding victory.

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