Salute Katharine The Great for defeating the Muslim bullies who threw a brick through a teacher's window, says Kelvin MacKenzie

Katharine Birbalsingh refused to be bullied by an unruly mob

Katharine Birbalsingh refused to be bullied by an unruly mob

Kelvin Mackenzie

By Kelvin Mackenzie

Published: 17/04/2024

- 13:00

Updated: 17/04/2024

- 13:32

Britain's bravest headteacher has shown our pathetic politicians how to lead

Enter Katharine The Great. A combination of a fierce intellect, a huge talent for teaching and a refusal to be bullied by the followers of Islam, Katharine Birbalsingh has emerged triumphant in a battle which could have turned many schools into mosques.

The reality is that all parents sending their children to Michaela Community School, located in a disadvantaged area of North London, knew the school was non-religious.

But with over 50% of the 700 pupils being Muslim there was a tension. It exploded when a teenage girl produced a mat at lunchtime and knelt to pray in the school playground just over a year ago.

Teachers stepped in and prevented the girl from praying.The row kicked off. The girl was suspended.

A petition among Muslims with children at the school was started, a bomb threat was made and shockingly a brick was thrown through the window of a teacher.

All this chaos and disruption came from the playbook used by Muslims at Batley Grammar school. The difference this time was they came up against Katharine Birbalsingh, who I have chatted with in the green room at GB News. Such a shame she wasn’t the head teacher at Batley.

Anyway, the parents of the Muslim girl took the case to the High Court. Not on their money of course, but on ours. The legal aid bill was a staggering £150,000. You must be so grateful you made a financial contribution to the action.

The case was rejected and Mr Justice Linden revealed that the daughter had given evidence saying she and her friend believed prayer was not permitted at the school and therefore made up for missed prayers when she got home. So why did her parents push for it?

After the case Ms Birbalsingh revealed the following: "This mum intends to send her second child to Michaela, starting in September. At the same time, this mum has sent a letter to our lawyers suggesting that she may take us to court yet again over another issue at the school she doesn’t like."

\u200bKatharine Birbalsingh

The brilliant Michaela Community School in Wembley and its ferociously strict headmistress


It’s a free hit for this family. They can cause as much mayhem as they like.

Why don’t they take their children out of Michaela if it causes them so much angst. Find another school where the daughter can pray all day if she wishes.The reason is obvious; It’s a brilliant school producing fantastic results which in turn will send the pupils on to fame and fortune.

Without this school many would expect to have poor outcomes. After all Brent has second highest poverty rate in London (36% of households are in poverty) and yet once Ms Birbalsingh and her staff have worked their magic 82% of pupils leaving its sixth form secured a place at a Russell Group university and one in three A-level exams was given the top grade of A*.

So, this is what puzzles me. If we now know that being strict - no talking in corridors and no more than four pupils to meet together - works so well why doesn’t the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Education demand that all school follow this policy?

For our country to survive commercially we need very clever kids. If Ms Birbalsingh has developed the magic sauce, surely it should be spread all over the country?

But have you noticed that there has been one group who normally have so much to say that have stayed remarkably schtum.

Yes, it’s our old chums at the Leftie-dominated National Education Union. You would have thought that as paid representatives of the teachers at the school, they would be delighted that the bullies who put a brick through a window, had been defeated by the courts.

But I have searched Google and there hasn’t been a word. Very odd.

I did, however, see a piece from a Muslim teacher in the Guardian basically saying the High Court judgment had to be viewed in relation to the Islamophobia ‘’we have seen emerging in recent times’’.

So I assume that’s why the union aren’t speaking. They will have many Muslim members and don’t want to be seen to side against them.

Or perhaps they disapprove of Michaela being so strict and so successful.

Do they honestly prefer the nightmare of one teacher I know who was abused and bullied by huge 15-year-olds boys in her class, to the point where she was forced to exclude the lout only for the hopeless head teacher to plead the boy’s case to be allowed back?Not long after that she quit the job.

I suspect that story is not unique. This nation is very lucky to have Ms Birbalsingh creating such a great school.

We need more like her - and a few less anonymous Muslim families going to the High Court to battle for their medieval religion.

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