Self described elite are deliberately DISMANTLING Western democracy, says Neil Oliver

Self described elite are deliberately DISMANTLING Western democracy, says Neil Oliver

'Self described elite' are 'deliberately DISMANTLING' Western democracy - Neil Oliver

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Neil Oliver

By Neil Oliver

Published: 25/02/2024

- 15:40

Neil Oliver says the 'self described elite' have been carefully and deliberately dismantling Western democracies and holding on to power for too long

In the aftermath of the English Civil War and the execution of King Charles, the first self appointed scourge of government corruption, Oliver Cromwell stood in Parliament.

He told the MPs sitting there, MPs who had been squatting in place for 12 years by then: "It's not fit that you should sit here any longer. You've sat here too long for any good you've been doing lately".

In the name of God he put them out and locked the doors behind them.

That was April 20, in the 1600s. But I say the time has come again, that the day is long overdue in fact, to be rid of the whole rotten lot of them. Really the only question is whether we the people should pay for their taxis home one last time or just put them out on the street and let them get on with it.

People ask me what's the solution to the problem, though I'll tell you where that solution is not to be found and that's the next general election or any other.

Our democracy has been gelded and the Uniparty is in control instead. A

s far as I'm concerned, to still be thinking a change of ruling party in that poisoned Palace of Westminster will make any difference is the root of all evil. Switching colours or just leaving them as they are will change nothing.

Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver shared his views on the state of politics

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The creatures that have evolved to thrive there, to climb the greasy pole to power, have also made it a place from which no good can come.

My honest opinion is you can't build anything clean for decent people when your foundation is a muck heap and the Palace of Westminster is stacked to the rafters with, well, muck.

The fifth Labour of Hercules was the clearing out of the mountains of muck from the Odean stables and the hero had to divert two rivers to flush out the filth of years. That's where we are now, with no option but to flush clean and start over. We don't need these politicians, dear God save us from the mass of them.

We need a ton of truth to get rid. Last week we were treated to yet another sickening spectacle in that place. The Mother of Parliament made a w***e.

The so-called opposition Labour Party, leaning on the Speaker of the House, former Labour MP Sir Lindsay Hoyle, to give wriggle room to Labour MPs, reluctant to back an SNP call for an unconditional ceasefire to stop the horror in Gaza without getting lost in the procedural minutiae of what happened.

It looked to me like more of what we've been supposed to get used to in recent years, which is to say corrupt political parties long since adrift from any honest mooring, any sort of care for people here.

The people are supposedly both bound to serve or care for regular human beings anywhere, are making up the rules as they go along to ensure they keep their handlers happy, those handlers being banks and big business, pure and simple as always, the threats are not just here at home.

In France, the government seeks to make it illegal to challenge the safety and efficacy of medical treatments promoted or mandated by that government.

A still image from inside the House of Commons

Neil believes that the MP'S in the House of Commons need ousting


The wording of the bill, dubbed Article Pfizer by critics, is as slippery as a person might expect from slimy politicians. No explicit mention of the medical products pushed as vaccines. No mention of Big Pharma just making it criminal to convince or encourage people to refuse so-called reasonable medical treatment. But the shadows of Big Pharma are unmistakable in the vision of those paying attention who have seen it all before. If the bill gets the signature of the French President, it will make the new crime punishable.

But up to three years in jail? A fine of €45,000, despite the truth of harms caused being glaring now, so glaring that even the mainstream media can't ignore them any longer, and study after study, making plain the damage done by the experimental gene therapies, we had to watch UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak describe those products as unequivocally safe one moment, and then the next acknowledge the government's scheme set up to compensate the thousands killed or injured over and over.

It's the same all those politicians care about as their puppet master's bottom line. The hell with the health and well-being of the people that are notionally elected to serve what matters. All that matters is safeguarding the profits of the transnational corporations that are the destination of anyone following the money. And there's always what slithers into law in one domain will surely slam its way onto the statute books of the rest so that what's happening in France might soon happen elsewhere and then everywhere.

All of this has its roots in 2016, when pesky people in Britain voted for Brexit, and then on the other side of the Atlantic, more pesky people voted for Donald Trump.

Those happenings were what you might call glitches in the Matrix, dangerously off script for the powerful, not supposed to happen for the first time and you can be damn sure the powers that be were instantly determined. It would be the last time the democratic will of the people in the UK and in the US defied the intentions of those that thought they had shaped the world in their image and so had it all under control. It was an almighty shock to the system and so bloody mindedly they set about quickly finishing the job of rigging the game in their favour. I say everything since, from the so-called Pandemic onwards, has been the punishment beating we were seen to deserve.

Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver slammed the government

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The director of the Foundation for Freedom Online, Mike Benz recently alleged that all of seven months before the US elections in 2020, intelligence agencies there, in collaboration with big tech platforms all around the world, set in place the means to censor anyone online questioning the safety of mail in ballots that process by which people vote in advance.

As I say again, Mike Benz's research seemed to show that seven months before the last US election, the US establishment, AK, the Intelligence Military Industrial Complex, was demonstrably worried people might be suspicious about a Biden election, when seemed to have benefited in disproportionate volume from mail in votes. And so, he says, tech platforms around the world were tweaked so that at a stroke, 10s of millions of posts online casting doubt on the legitimacy of mail in ballots could be censored into oblivion.

Benz insists the US establishment set about writing it into law that elections were as much a part of the critical infrastructure of that nation as the power grid. So that anyone asking questions about the legitimacy of the system in place to make elections happen was potentially guilty of nothing less than a cyber attack.

Which would mean that in the United States, a person posting on social media that they don't trust mail in ballots is open to conviction of cyber terrorism just by saying as much online.

Let me say again, they and by they, I mean the establishment. Those that collectively have their hands on the levers of power are as busy as little bees, and what they're busy doing is making up the rules as they go along in open defiance of the will of the people.

They are everywhere in the World Health Organization. They are pushing through changes to the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty to give unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats the power to insist member states like the UK do what they see in relation to climate disease and much else besides, and not what we, the people, see via our elected governments.

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