Bog off Boris Johnson, you've had your time in the sun, says Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan has called for Boris Johnson to 'bog off'

GB News
Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 04/03/2023

- 21:39

Updated: 05/03/2023

- 09:35

Who the hell does Boris Johnson think he is?

Cashing in on his taypayer-funded stint at number 10, this ex-prime minister is jetting around the world, commanding, six figure fees, sniping, about the current government, and in doing so, helping the cervix-free leader of the opposition, Keir Starmer into Number 10.

He's, swanning around the place with his famous blonde mop, trying to show the British public what they're missing, like a SHINY speedboat on bullseye that you could've won.

Well NONE of what I've heard from him lately, is BULLSeye, it's bull****.

As he continues to defend, the disastrous, and in my view, failed experiment of lockdowns, which all happened on his watch.

Now I'll give him due credit, he did not want these measures, and the leaked, WhatsApp messages, with Matt Hancock, prove, his lockdown-sceptic instincts. But he did it anyway.

Matt HancockMatt Hancock has threatened to sue the Daily Telegraph newspaperPA

It was all “oh woe is me, alas, I’ve got to lock you in your homes.

Alas I've got to destroy the economy and close once viable businesses".

A fat lot of good, his remorse did us.

An arsonist that burns down your house - but DIDN'T want to - is no comfort, as you watch, the dying embers of your home.

Meanwhile, we have, written evidence from these WhatsApp messages that the current prime minister, Rishi Sunak, was profoundly against these lockdowns.

Of course, he was Chancellor, and could see, the colossal, economic DAMAGE, happening in slow motion.

Prime Minister claims he's 'achieved the impossible' with new Brexit deal - but Boris and DUP could still scupper Windsor FrameworkPrime Minister Rishi Sunak speaking in the House of Commons, London, following the announcement that European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak have struck a deal over the Northern Ireland Protocol. Picture date: Monday February 27, 2023.gbnews

Perhaps, unlike Boris, he was a proper conservative.

The WhatsApp messages show Sunak battled with prize numpty Matt Hancock, to reopen the economy.

Hancock MOCKED, Sunak, saying he was helping the spread of the virug by resisting yet more ruinous measures.

And as the Mail on Sunday newspaper reported in January of last year, it was Sunak, along with Lord Frost, and my friend Jacob Rees-Mogg, who stopped Boris Johnson cancelling Christmas, with ANOTHER Yuletide lockdown.

That was the 30th of January, 2022, when on this programme, I called for Sunak, to become PM, and now, he’s in DOWNING Street.

Aided and abetted by Starmer, Boris Johnson alongside Matt Hancock, owns ALL of our current, economic and societal damage.

He decided, to MASK kids, at school, because he DIDN'T want a fight with Nicola Sturgeon.

Well I want a fight with HIM now, as his negativity, and egomania, sees him pursue, a childish vendetta against Rishi Sunak, BLAMING the current PM for his exit from office.

Sorry Boris, YOU are responsible for your OWN downfall.

As you limped from one self-inflicted crisis, to another WHILST in office.

And predictably, this week, Boris, has poured, a bucket, of COLD sick, over Sunak's, Brexit breakthrough, because it’s in his political interest to keep Brexit as an OPEN wound, WITHIN the Tory party.

Sunak’s deal isn't perfect, but it allows us to put a full stop to the issues in Northern Ireland and allows us, to pursue Brexit with enthusiasm and zeal.

Arch Brexiteer, Steve Baker, has given it the seal of approval, which is a clue that Sunak MAY still get this agreement, across the line, with his own backbenchers and possibly – DARE to dream – even, the DUP.

Boris won’t want this, because BAD news for Number 10 is his CURRENCY.

But as Sunak improves, in the job – making Brexit work, and hopefully, stopping the boats - Johnson’s, political, BANK balance, SHRINKS, by the day.

Let’s look, at his RECORD, in office. What did BORIS do, about, the Norther Ireland, protocol, that HE negotiated? What did BORIS do, about the WOKE takeover, of our, institutions?

What did Boris do, about ,out of control public spending, or the EVER-growing, eco-agenda? Don’t forget, Boris drank, not just, RED wine at Number 10, but the Net Zero COOL AID, too. Boris Johnson, has his strength's and in keeping Jeremy Corbyn, out of number 10, with that astonishing election victory in 2019, and in GETTING Brexit done in the first place, he will remain, a hero.

He will occupy, the history books, and he deserves, our thanks. But ultimately, this spineless narcissist, who has an intermittent relationship with the truth, is so shallow, and opportunist, he even wrote two articles about Brexit, before it happened – one in support – one against.

For Boris, Brexit did not come from principle, as it did for the likes of Rees Mogg, Steve Baker and others, it was, political, expediency.

He’s no team player, and, I’m not EVEN sure, he’s REALLY a Tory. Boris, only votes for Boris. And NO one, will thank, him, if his pathological, political ambitions, see him continue, to be a thorn in the side, of our current, government.

Why? Because, his disloyal, and self-serving actions, are likely, to achieve, just ONE thing – five years, of a hellish, labour government. BOG-off Bojo. You’ve had your TIME in the sun.

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