Russia, China and Iran are GREATEST threats to UK, US and EU right now: Ex-CIA agent issues terrifying warning

Russia, China and Iran are GREATEST threats to UK, US and EU right now: Ex-CIA agent issues terrifying warning

Laura Ballman issues a terrifying warning

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 04/12/2023

- 21:04

Updated: 05/12/2023

- 07:51

Putin has set out Russia's stall on AI

Russia, China and Iran pose the greatest threat to the West, a former CIA agent has warned.

Speaking on GB News, Laura Ballman said the three factions are engaged in cyber warfare with the West.

It comes as Vladimir Putin set out Russia’s stall on the matter, with Pullman warning the country’s scientists are “among the top”.

“The Russian internet research agency is not just a farm of trolls”, she said.

“AI is something we’re familiar with, but on the other hand, we should be thinking about its potential uses as an offensive weapon.

“Elon Musk called for a six month pause in AI (artificial intelligence) research which called attention to this issue.


Putin meets with Raisi via video linkRussian and Iran are looking to strengthen their allianceReuters

“The movie Oppenheimer presents an interesting analogy, how nuclear research was conducted with competition between the West and East.

“We’re in a similar situation right now. China is phenomenal at this. Russia, China and Iran are the greatest cyber threats to the West.

“That applies to the UK, the EU and the United States.”

Putin warned that the West should not be allowed to develop a monopoly in the sphere of AI.

Russia’s war in Ukraine has somewhat set back their efforts in becoming an AI superpower with Western sanctions hindering high-tech imports.

Speaking to an AI conference in Moscow, Putin said banning AI was impossible despite the sometimes troubling ethical and social consequences of new technologies.

"You cannot ban something - if we ban it then it will develop somewhere else and we will fall behind," Putin said of AI, though he said ethical questions should be resolved with reference to "traditional" Russian culture.

"Of course, the monopoly and domination of such systems, such alien systems is unacceptable and dangerous," he said.

China and the United States are far ahead of other countries when it comes to AI research, according to most rankings.

"In all spheres of our life, humanity is beginning a new chapter of its existence," Putin said of AI, adding that Russia needed to up its game on AI both in ambitions and execution.

"In the very near future, as one of the first steps, a presidential decree will be signed and a new version of the national strategy for the development of artificial intelligence will be approved," Putin told the conference.

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