‘THAT’S discrimination!’ Michigan music SUPPRESSED as Muslim parents ‘don’t want’ it for their children

‘THAT’S discrimination!’ Michigan music SUPPRESSED as Muslim parents ‘don’t want’ it for their children

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GBN America
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 31/05/2024

- 16:30

GBN America has learnt of the 'discrimination' taking place in Michigan schools as Muslim parents have blocked the teaching of music

Michigan local Virginia Skrzyniarz has claimed that Muslim parents have "banned" the teaching of music in the city of Hamtramck, in the latest revelation about the transformation of Michigan's cities.

Whilst making his GBNA documentary, America's Muslim City, reporter Steven Edginton has unveiled the many shocking details of the religion-led city in Michigan.

Speaking to Skrzyniarz, CEO and co-founder of the Piast Institute in Hamtramck, she revealed to Steven that the latest suppression in the town involves the teaching of music in the local schools.

She told GBNA: "We have a credentialed classical composer in the area, called Brian, and he told me he would love to teach music therapy in the schools, and I told him that's not a problem.

Steven Edginton and Virginia Skrzyniarz

Virginia Skrzyniarz told GBNA that music has been suppressed in Michigan by Muslim parents


"Normally we just call the principal, we do it all the time and we don't have any problem.

"But he said he was told no he couldn't, because the Muslim parents don't want art music for their children."

Highlighting the diverse community in Hamtramck, Skrzyniarz added: "You have Ukrainians, Bosnians, Macedonians, you have all these other children here. That's discrimination."

Hitting out at the block by Muslim parents, Skrzyniarz made clear that it is "not about music therapy, but it's about who can't have music therapy".

Virginia Skrzyniarz

Virginia Skrzyniarz claimed the black population have been 'strategically displaced' in the city


Steven then questioned Skrzyniarz about the recent protests in the nearby town of Dearborn, where the pro-Palestinian crowd were chanting "death to America".


Skrzyniarz claimed that the crowd was not full of genuine protesters, but instead was filled with "paid people".

She explained: "I think that 70 per cent of them were not protesters, but rather paid people. I really believe that - we saw that here with the LBGTQ issue.

"So every year, we put up a flag during pride month. And the mayor came by in the morning and found our flag in the garbage. And it was four young boys, possibly Muslim.

"We didn't put it back up because we don't want to aggravate anybody. I cannot tell you how many people were upset with me because I did not put him in jail, and if I had done that, he would have been angry and he would have been one yelling down with America."

Steven Edginton

Steven Edginton investigated the 'Muslim city' of America


Noting the rise of the diverse communities and black population in Michigan, particularly Hamtramck, Skrzyniarz claimed that certain groups have been "strategically displaced".

When questioned on social media posts from local politicians appearing to discriminate against minority communities, Skrzyniarz told GBNA: "Some of the stuff shared online is pretty nasty and very ignorant and not well informed.

"And it's also about the black population, which is a pet peeve of mine. And they have strategically been displaced in this in the city."

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