Detroit imam who defends Hamas bizarrely accuses GBN America reporter of Islamophobia after intense grilling: ‘You have a mission!’

Detroit imam who defends Hamas bizarrely accuses GBN America reporter of Islamophobia after intense grilling: ‘You have a mission!’

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 29/05/2024

- 20:30

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi accused GBN America reporter Steven Edginton of being from an 'Islamophobic organisation'

Detroit Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi pressed GBN America correspondent Steven Edginton on whether he was from an "Islamophobic" organisation after being confronted about his controversial connections.

In conversation with GBN America, Steven highlighted Elahi's affiliation with "three of the past Iranian presidents for the last 37 years".

Elahi hit out at Steven following the interview. While his microphone was being removed, he said: "Steve, you look like you have a mission here today, right? I hope you are not from one of those Islamophobia organisations."

The confrontation came after firm questioning from the GBN America correspondent.

Steven had pressed Elahi on whether he supported Iran's Ayatollahs, who he said were "responsible for funding terror, arresting thousands of political dissidents and allowing physical and psychological torture".

Elahi admitted he supports Mohammad Khatami, who ruled Iran from 1997 to 2005.

Elahi explained: "Mr Khatami, that's the President I support. He is the one who initiated the dialogue of civilisations in the United Nations."

Detroit Imam and Steven Edginton

A Detroit Imam accused GBNA reporter Steven Edginton of 'Islamaphobia'


Elahi also revealed he is in support of former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Steven interjected, noting: "That's who I'm talking about. He's the same man who's been funding billions of dollars to Hezbollah."

When asked if he agreed it was true that Rouhani was funding Hezbollah, Elahi dismissed the claim, responding: "He is a president, he's been president.

"I mean, the Hezbollah and Iran, that is something that is not this president or that president."

Steven stated: "Hezbollah sent rockets to Israeli civilians and killed many Israeli civilians who did nothing wrong."

Elahi hit back, claiming the attacks were "never initiated", to which Steven questioned "how can you justify that?"

The Imam responded: "I'm not justifying anything. Lebanon is looking for peace, even Palestine, even Hamas, they are asking for a long, long ceasefire.

"If you remember, if you read that the Hamas leaders, they suggested to Israel to have 30 years of ceasefire or peace."

Steven Edginton

Steven Edginton defended his line of questioning on Elahi's stance on the death penalty


Steven then argued: "The stated objective of Hamas is to destroy Israel, the same thing with Iran. Spokespeople for Hamas have said that, and Hamas went in and killed 1,200 Israelis."

Elahi was in disagreement, claiming: "They are case by case. You have October 7, but now how many days, we have more than 200 days. Now we are getting to eight months now."

The GB News journalist defended his line of questioningafter being questioned on whether he was Islamophobic.

He stated: "I have no mission. I'm here as a journalist to hold people to account and to speak with people. We're not Islamophobic at all. We're just trying to hold people to account."

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