'Mothers are told they are the problem!' Steve Bannon on elites rising across Europe: 'They want to break sovereignty of a nation'

'Mothers are told they are the problem!' Steve Bannon on elites rising across Europe: 'They want to break sovereignty of a nation'

Steve Bannon speaks on the prospect of a populist revolt

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 30/11/2023

- 20:44

Updated: 30/11/2023

- 20:52

Trump’s ex-right hand man spoke to GB News

Steve Bannon has accused the elite of attempting to “break sovereignty” as he said he expects more populist movements to crop up worldwide.

Trump’s ex-right hand man spoke to GB News and said women in Ireland who are attempting to “protect their daughters” during a “mass importation” are being demonised.

He cited a piece written in the Daily Telegraph by Allison Pearson who spoke about her experience of witnessing women in Ireland protesting against 60 undocumented male asylum seekers being housed in their neighbourhood.

Bannon told GB News: “Allison Pearson wrote in the Telegraph about the mothers of Ireland protecting their young daughters against this mass importation of fighting age males from North Africa and Middle Eastern countries.

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon spoke on GB News


“The elites want to break the individual sovereignty of its citizens. They see their citizens as a problem.

“This is why Geert Wilders won in the Netherlands, this is why you’re seeing this populist revolt.


Dublin riotsRiots broke out in Dublin following the attack PA

“Alison Pearson is saying the elites think that you’re the problem. The mothers are the problem.

“This is not an ideological movement, these are people who are being overwhelmed by elitist populations who are more concerned about the city of London, Davos and Brussels than they are about their own people.

“This isn’t going to stop, it’s just getting more intense.”

It comes after riots broke out in Dublin which Irish Garda commissioner Drew Harris said was driven by a “far-Right ideology”.

The scenes were prompted by a knife attack in the city leaving three children and a teacher injured.

Pearson said the Irish and Britons are being “gaslit on a grand scale” when it comes to mass migration.

Varadkar has promised a “robust” response as he reaffirmed his support for the Garda.

Varadkar outlined measures including retaining two public order units in Dublin until at least Christmas, as well as accelerating plans for more gardai, more equipment for gardai and more prison places.

He said the Government’s response is “immediate, medium term and long term, and is going to be – and is – very robust”. He accused the Sinn Fein president of “playing politics” and “looking for heads”.

Varadkar said he would consider an independent review.

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