WATCH: Biden laughs as he gloats over briefcase that can 'blow up world'

WATCH: Biden laughs as he gloats over briefcase that can 'blow up world'

Watch President Biden make a joke about the briefcase

George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 30/11/2023

- 14:53

Updated: 30/11/2023

- 14:53

The 81 year old president went on to mistakenly call his predecessor 'Congressman Trump'

President Biden has come under fire for making a joke that he has a code to "blow up the world".

It comes as the 81 year old President was in Colarado visiting world's biggest maker of wind turbines.

In the video, President Biden approached three workers at the facility and one of them appeared to ask a question.

Biden responded: "Now look, my, my marine carries that.

"It has a code to blow up the world.

"That doesn't, this is not....nuclear weapons is it....alright, think I'm kidding."

The codes for launching nuclear weapons are carried in a black case called the "nuclear football".

It is carried by a military aide who stays close to the President while he is travelling.

In a subsequent speech at CS Wind in Pueblo, Colorado, President Biden got his titles confused as he attacked cuts he said "Congressman Trump and Boebert want to do".

This is most likely referring to Republican Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert whose district the President visited on his trip.


Biden and workers

Biden spoke to the workers in the factory


When he landed in Pueblo, Colorado, Biden failed to stop to meet those assembled to greet him.

He did not appear to see or at first even acknowledge Senator John Hickenlooper or Mayor Nick Gradisar. Instead, he walked straight toward ‘the Beast,’ his armoured presidential limousine.

Before he got in, he was alerted to the oversight and spent several minutes with the two dignitaries. In his speech at the wind turbine factory, he later apologized.

He said: "I knew I was running late so I came right down the stairs to Air Force One. I ran right by."

President Biden

President Biden


The president used his speech to criticise Boebert and attacked her for opposing his Inflation Reduction Act, which he credited for bringing back jobs at the reopened factory.

The factory is now owned by a South Korean firm.

Biden asked the crowd: "She called this law a massive failure. You all know you’re part of a massive failure?"

"It all sounds like a massive failure in thinking by the congresswoman."

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