‘No war!’ Jordan Peterson backs Trump but admits ex-President ‘isn’t preferred candidate’

‘No war!’ Jordan Peterson backs Trump but admits ex-President ‘isn’t preferred candidate’

Jordan Peterson speaks to Camilla Tominey

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 05/11/2023

- 11:19

The former US President is surging in the Republican polls

Jordan Peterson has backed Donald Trump to secure election success, but admits he is not his “preferred” candidate.

The former US President is surging in the polls when it comes to the Republican nomination, but whether he is more popular than the incumbent remains to be seen.

Joe Biden has come under scrutiny over whether he is too old to carry out the task for another four years, but Peterson believes his main concern comes from elsewhere.

Peterson hit out at how Biden has handled relations with Saudi Arabia, with particular note made of the Abraham Accords.

Donald Trump and Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson has hit out at Joe Biden


The arrangement signed by Donald Trump sought to tighten relations in the Middle East.

After Israel, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain joined the accord in 2020, there was renewed optimism for positive ties in the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia mooted as a potential additional faction.


Peterson believes Biden has failed on the Abraham Accord


Peterson believes Biden has ditched any hope of new ties due to the “inconvenience” of recognising Trump’s achievements in office.

“Trump had no war under his administration and he brought in the Abraham Accords”, he said.

“I would be pretty happy with another four years of no war and an extension of the Abraham Accords.

“Does that mean Trump would be my preferred candidate? No. I believe the Saudis would have signed the accord two years ago if Biden would have been willing to give Trump some credit.

“I believe the Democrats didn’t pursue Saudi Arabia at that point because it would have been inconvenient to give Trump credit.”

It comes as a staggering new poll suggests Robert F Kennedy Jr could have a foothold in the race to the White House.

A Quinnipiac University survey found that in a hypothetical three-way match up in 2024, Kennedy would get the support of 22 per cent of registered voters.

According to the research, Kennedy’s numbers may be down to him only recently joining the race, meaning he is enjoying a honeymoon period.

According to the same poll, Trump would get 36 per cent and President Joe Biden would get 39 per cent.

While Trump is enjoying what appears to be an unassailable lead in the Republican polls, he remains under threat from the courts with a number of legal cases lodged against him.

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