'Transgender employee cancelled me on International Women's day' reveals Bev Turner

GB News Reporter

By GB News Reporter

Published: 19/04/2022

- 19:35

Ms Turner said being cancelled had left a really bad taste in her mouth

GB News presenter Bev Turner has told how she was cancelled from speaking at an event about working mothers on International Women's Day after liking a tweet on the trans debate.

Ms Turner explained on GB News: "It was about four years ago and I was due to speak at a legal firm on International Women’s day to talk about the challenges of working mothers and I worked with pregnant women at the time."

She continued: "24 hours before I was due to go on this panel, I was cancelled because I had liked a tweet about an article in a newspaper that was calling for exactly this."

Beverly Turner
Beverly Turner
GB News

Emma Burnell
Emma Burnell
GB News

The company told her they had received a complaint from a transgender employee who deemed she was no longer an "appropriate" guest speaker.

Ms Turner said the experience had left a "really bad taste" in her mouth.

GB News guest Emma Burnell, a political consultant, added that cancel culture "really unhelpful".

She said: “The people I would say it’s most unhelpful to actually is trans people because we could have had a really nuanced, interesting debate about where the boundaries lie.

"We actually have 90 percent of common ground where we say live and let live.

"It’s very important that people should live the life that makes them feel happiest and most comfortable as long as that doesn’t bump up against the rights of others.

She added: "That is where almost everybody sits. The problem is a few very loud people."

The comments come as Harry Potter star Miriam Margolyes defended JK Rowling after the author was criticised for her views on women’s rights.

Ms Margolyes, 80, played Pomona Sprout in the film series – based on Ms Rowling's books – and says she “admires” the author.

She added: “There isn't one answer to all these trans questions. We all know people who are slightly pansy or a bit butch or whatever you call it.

“But I think the vituperation JK Rowling has received is misplaced. I don't know her at all. I admire her as a human being.”

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