Suella Braverman left STUNNED as pro-Palestine student makes shock claim: ‘We brought you down, we can bring this Government down!’

Suella Braverman left STUNNED as pro-Palestine student makes shock claim: ‘We brought you down, we can bring this Government down!’

Watch as Suella Braverman is left stunned by a shock claim

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 17/05/2024

- 09:07

The pair went head to head in a lively showdown

Suella Braverman was left stunned during a frosty clash with a pro-Palestine student as she made a shocking claim on GB News.

The pair went head to head in a lively showdown after the former Home Secretary visited a protest camp at Cambridge University.

After students made their feelings towards Braverman known, Fiona Lali from the Revolutionary Communist Party joined her in the GB News studio to elaborate on the overriding sentiment from the campus camps.

She told the Home Secretary that pro-Palestine demonstrations cost Braverman her role, and has the capability of bringing the whole Government down.

Suella Braverman and Fiona Lali

Suella Braverman appeared stunned at the shock claim


“The camps haven’t started because of October 7 specifically”, she said.

“This week, in loads of encampments across the country, they’ve been having to memorise the fact that this week commemorates the Nakba, which took place 76 years ago. It means catastrophe and it’s a massive symbol of what Israel has been doing for the last 76 years.


“This is not about October 7 and to ask about that is disingenuous on your part.

“I think it’s great that you went to the camp today to talk to those students and you embarrassed yourself doing that.

“It’s a reminder that the Palestine movement brought you down and the Palestine movement has the potential to bring down lots of other Tory ministers and the whole Tory Government.

“And not just the Tory Government, but any government and any mainstream political party that is backing what Israel is doing right now, which is a genocide.”

Suella BravermanSuella Braverman confronted protesters in Cambridge alongside Patrick ChristysGB News
Suella Braverman and Fiona Lali

The pair were embroiled in a frosty GB News clash


Braverman appeared to mockingly respond to the furious student, saying “bringing down the government” in a dismissive tone.

The row did not end there as the former Home Secretary took aim at Lali’s “genocide” assertions.

Braverman insisted the Israeli military are “targeting Hamas” and there is no intention to kill citizens in the conflict.

Lali insisted the International Court of Justice has declared the events in Palestine a genocide, a comment Braverman said is “wrong”.

“Let’s stick to the facts here”, she said.

The student responded by highlighting the “reality” of “40,000 people dead and millions displaced”.

After witnessing the fury on display in Cambridge, Braverman admitted she has now lost confidence in the police to properly maintain public order and safety over pro-Palestine marches.

Speaking to GB News during her visit, where she tried to speak to protesters, Braverman said: “It feels now what we're seeing on campus here at Cambridge is a certain kind of thuggery, intimidation and harassment, whereby one group is allowed a megaphone to blast out abusive messaging, and another group just has to shut up and put up.

“I'm really, genuinely interested in what these people think. I've been very vocal over the last six months about my views, both as Home Secretary and subsequently, that the acts of October 7th by Hamas were brutal and murderous, and that Israel has a legitimate right to defend itself and its military action in Gaza is justified legally, and actually morally.”

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