Nigel Farage launches furious attack on Ofcom for investigating GB News' Don't Kill Cash campaign - 'They want a fight!'

Nigel Farage launches furious attack on Ofcom for investigating GB News' Don't Kill Cash campaign - 'They want a fight!'
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 18/07/2023

- 22:17

Updated: 19/07/2023

- 07:47

The petition to protect Britain's elderly and vulnerable has reached a staggering 225,000 signatures

Nigel Farage has launched a furious attack on Ofcom for “picking a fight” with GB News by investigating The People’s Channel’s Don’t Kill Cash campaign.

The petition to prevent financial exclusion, which has had nearly a quarter-of-a-million signatures, is the target of an investigation by the TV regulator after a (one) complaint was received.

Don’t Kill Cash aims to highlight the increasing move towards a cashless society as more shops, cafes and pubs opt to only accept card payments.


And GB News presenter Farage took aim at Ofcom, warning that the campaign is the final defence against a “China-style” society.

Speaking to Dan Wootton, he said: “The GB News Don’t Kill Cash campaign is so important.

“If we don’t arrest this, we will finish up with a China-style social credit system, where only those with acceptable views will be able to participate in society, and I want to fight that.”

Dan Wootton questioned in response: “If Ofcom is investigating our campaign, why on earth do they not investigate Sky News for all their climate hysteria?”

Farage responded: “If Ofcom want to fight over this campaign, will someone hold my jacket? Channel 4 campaigned for years on their claim that Arron Banks and I were financially linked to Russia.

Don't Kill Cash

The Don't Kill Cash campaign is one of the most successful petitions in British history

GB News

“One of the main reasons for having my account closed by Coutts is because of alleged links to Russia, which is completely untrue.

“Why can other media organisations campaign on issues, but not GB News?

“If they want to fight on this, I tell you what, we will jolly well give them one.”

Speaking about the decision to launch an investigation, the watchdog stated: “Our investigation does not seek to question the merits of the campaign itself.”

Ofcom added its guidelines require broadcasters to not express views on “matters of political and industrial controversy or current public policy”.

The Don't Kill Cash campaign - which merely seeks to protect the status of cash as legal tender - is supported by all major political parties, trade unions and charities, such as the Royal British Legion.

In its campaign statement, GB News said: “Britain is fast becoming a cashless society. In the wake of the Covid pandemic, more and more shops, cafes and pubs are choosing to only accept card payments.

“And with the rise of Apple and Google Pay, vulnerable people who rely on cash are increasingly being left behind by the relentless march of technology.

“More than five million adults still rely on cash in the UK and it’s used in six billion transactions every year, but there are strong vested interests pushing for it to be permanently replaced by debit and credit cards and other electronic payments.

“These cost you more in the long-run and enable 3rd parties to track you and your spending.”

You can find the GB News Don’t Kill Cash Campaign here:

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