Neighbour left distressed after man next door keeps parking on wrong driveway - and gets abusive when confronted

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The next-door neighbour has been parking in the spare space

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 15/11/2023

- 11:51

The neighbour has allegedly threatened the homeowner's family

A homeowner is at odds with their neighbour after the man next door has repeatedly parked in their driveway.

Venting their anger on Reddit, the homeowner said that their next-door neighbour had been using their spare parking space.

However, when asked to stop, the neighbour ignored them and allegedly became abusive.

The neighbour – who regularly blocked the homeowner in with his car - threatened the Reddit poster and their family.


The furious homeowner took to Reddit to complain


Despite the abusive behaviour, police and a different neighbour have sided with the car space thief.

They have suggested that he is allowed to park in the spot.

The Redditor explained: “We have three parking spaces on our property that back directly onto the road.

“Unless we have guests we only use two and the third is helpful for manoeuvring in and out.

“The neighbour opposite has been consistently parking in our third spot and has been asked to stop. On occasions he has also blocked access to one of the other spots.”


They added that when he did it for the fourth time, they “advised him if it continues I would block him”.

They continued: “This triggered him he got very abusive, said it is his right to park where he wants, and he threatened my family and property if I were to block him in. This was captured on cctv and the police were called.”

However, the poster claimed that the police did nothing to help, with officers writing to the homeowner to say that “there is nothing they can do”.

When the police spoke to the neighbour, the Redditor alleges that they told the neighbour that he was within his rights to park in the spare space.

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The vexed homeowner has had no help from the police


The Redditor said: “I have since added some cones to the 3rd bay but these are being moved and he is continuing to park there.”

The disgruntled homeowner asked for advice on the forum.

Many suggested that they should install bollards around the third parking space.

"Ballords is your best and easiest way," said one, while another added: "Blocking them in once they are parked is an offence, preventing access to the highway.

A third recommended the vexed homeowner intentionally park their cars in a "V" shape to block the neighbour from parking his car.

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