Mark Steyn speaks out on suffering two heart attacks as GB News host reveals he was '15 minutes from death'

Mark Steyn reveals his second heart attack was 'severe'.
Mark Steyn reveals his second heart attack was 'severe'.
Image: GB News
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 19/12/2022

- 17:24

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:26

The GB News host suffered the first one 'without recognising' the symptoms

GB News’ Mark Steyn has spoken out on his recovery from two heart attacks.

The GB News host suffered the first one “without recognising” the symptoms, before hosting his show on The People’s Channel.

Speaking on his current absence from GB News, Steyn said: “I’m too medicated to manage artful evasions.

“I had two heart attacks. Because I didn’t recognise the first one, as such, the second one was rather more severe.”

The experienced broadcaster spoke about the shocking ordeal, saying he “doesn’t look right”, looking back at images of himself presenting the Mark Steyn show during the first heart attack.

Speaking on SteynOnline, he said: “The good news is that the first one occurred when I was in London. If you get a chance to see that day’s Mark Steyn Show, with hindsight, I don’t look quite right in close-ups.

“By not recognising it as a heart attack, I deftly avoided being one of those stories we feature on the show every couple of nights about people in the UK calling emergency and being left in the street for 15 hours before an ambulance shows up.

“I had a second heart attack in France. With Audrey helping me in the ambulance, she told me I was 15 minutes from death.”

The presenter also revealed he would remain in France over Christmas and New Year as he is unable to leave medical care and return to New Hampshire.

With Steyn recovering from his heart attacks, fellow GB News host Mark Dolan stepped into the role between December 13 until December 15.

Dolan, who hosts Mark Dolan Tonight on GB News, tweeted: “My friend and colleague Mark Steyn has suffered two heart attacks. He is a colossal talent and a brilliant guy - get well soon legend.”

Fellow GB News host Dan Wootton has also voiced his support for Steyn, tweeting: “Sending love and prayers to Mark Steyn today. We need you back on GB News soon.”

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