'That's b****cks!' Just Stop Oil spokesman swears, blocks camera, and interrupts Jacob Rees Mogg in fierce TV debate

'That's b****cks!' Just Stop Oil spokesman swears, blocks camera, and interrupts Jacob Rees Mogg in fierce TV debate

Jacob Rees-Mogg debates Just Stop Oil's methods with Cameron Ford

Harvey Gough

By Harvey Gough

Published: 22/11/2023

- 10:29

Updated: 22/11/2023

- 17:29

'Why don't you stand for election?', asked Jacob Rees-Mogg over the group's approach to protest

A Just Stop Oil spokesman caused a scene on GB News during an interview about the climate action group’s approach to protest, swearing and interrupting Jacob’s presenting to try and win round viewers.

The conversation was spurred by the United Nations' response to the arrests at Just Stop Oil protests, claiming the UK sentences of such protesters could be in breach of international law.

Jacob Rees-Mogg hosted a conversation with Just Stop Oil spokesperson Cameron Ford to discuss the group’s approach to environmental action.

Jacob inquired about the group’s methods: “What I've said to your other spokesman is, why don't you stand for election?”

Cameron Ford and Jacob Rees-Mogg

Just Stop Oil spokesperson interrupts Jacob Rees-Mogg

GB News

“Because it doesn't work, Jacob!” Replied Ford. “How much money is behind you? How much money did the Tories get on the fossil fuel industry?

Jacob pointed out, “The amount of money that you can spend in a general election is strictly limited by the law system.

Ford came back, “Everyone is disenfranchised with Parliament right now. How much money do you need to run a decent campaign?” Jacob suggested “a few thousand pounds”, to scoffs from Ford.

“If you've got the support that you claim then people will give you money,” said Jacob. “You're pretty well funded. You've had funders to help you pay for these protests and for your lawyers.”


Congestion on Waterloo BridgeJust Stop Oil (JSO) protesters caused chaos on Waterloo Bridge after an ambulance on blue lights was gridlocked by the eco-mobMet Police

“The support is not about whether people support us or not,” said Ford. “The issue is that 60 to 70% of people don't feel the government is doing enough to tackle the climate crisis.”

“Well then stand for election and then you’d win!” Said Jacob.

Ford disagreed, “That’s b******s! We don’t have democracy…”

After a brief reprimanding for his language, Ford continued: “We can get our energy from renewable sources. We could insulate and build houses much better than we are currently. The scientists are saying new oil and gas okay is not the way forward. 99% of scientists.”

Just Stop Oil protesters

Just Stop Oil protesters stormed the National Gallery, using hammers to smash a painting

Just Stop Oil

“We've got to get oil and gas from somewhere, said Jacob. “It's less emitting if we get our domestic sources, as you know. It reduces emissions overall if we get it out, than if it's got out by other countries.”

“That's a lie! It's sold on the open market,” said Ford. “We go sell it all the way over there and ship it over there. What about that?”

Jacob attempted to close the discussion for the next segment of the show, before Ford shot up out of his seat and placed himself on camera.

Ford managed, “These people are lying to us! We need people coming to… stop this and-“ before he was cut off by a clip of Greta Thunberg from the next section of the show.

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