Israel faces 'two-front' war: Michael Portillo on 'extremely dangerous time' as he warns of 'one of two wars'

Michael Portillo

Michael Portillo on the Israel Hamas war

GB News
Emily Fox

By Emily Fox

Published: 16/10/2023

- 10:12

Updated: 16/10/2023

- 11:21

GB News presenter Michael Portillo warned of threats from Hezbollah as well as Hamas

Michael Portillo has spoken of the reality facing Israel of a 'war on two fronts' warning of an 'extremely dangerous time' for the world.

Speaking on GB News, the former defence secretary spoke of the world now facing two wars and the West not being capable of dealing with Russia and Ukraine while Israel violence intensifies.

He said: "I'm a former Defense Secretary and Richard Kemp is a former very distinguished soldier. And neither one of us relishes war because we understand how appalling war is.

"And I think the prospect at the moment is so deeply depressing.

WATCH: Michael Portillo speaks on threat of Hamas and Hezbollah

"It's almost beyond the power of words to express. I think Richard Kemp is absolutely right that the Israelis see no alternative, that they have no alternative but to destroy Hamas. But we know that many people are going to be killed in that there will be civilians killed.

"There'll be IDF killed, and there'll be Hamas killed. And Richard now opens up the prospect of at least A2 front war with Hezbollah as well in the north.

"And so when one just foresees such a flood, such a tide of death ahead of us and yet none of us can see any alternative, this is obviously appalling for all the people involved and extremely dangerous for the world."

It comes as Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and Iran's Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian “agreed to continue cooperation” during a meeting in Doha.

The Iranian praised Hamas’ mass slaughter in Israel as a 'historic victory.'

Qatar also currently supports Hamas — which countries including the EU, U.K. and U.S. list as a terrorist organization.

Colonel Richard Kemp, who is currently in Israel, spoke of military in the north mobilizing near the Lebanese border.

"There have been intensive Hezbollah attacks. The people up in the North are expecting a bombardment. People are fearful of Hezbollah getting through the border and attacking villages in the south. It's terrifying for them."

Portillo added that Israel isn't the only war global leaders need to deal with and that war fatigue has set in to deal with Ukraine and Russia.

He said: "Just remember that it's only one of two major wars about which we're very concerned at the moment that.

"There are already there were signs of Western fatigue and the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president of the United States again obviously raises the question of how committed the United States will be to Ukraine.

"And I must say the Trump position puzzles me very much, because it seems to me that those of us who believe in decency and democracy and accountability in an open society, we need to see the right people winning and the wrong people losing. And if Russia were to win in Ukraine, that's very much an example of the wrong person.

"And if terror were to triumph in Israel, that would be another such example.

"Israel is a very capable military force and although it will lose many troops and although many civilians will die and many Hamas will die,

"I suppose we have confidence that Israel will complete the job. In the case of Ukraine, Russia, I suppose we have less confidence, less confidence quite honestly in ourselves that we're ready to complete the job."

U.S. President Joe Biden is currently 'weighing' a visit to Israel in a show of solidarity while EU leaders seek to take control of the narrative as they scramble to save their kidnapped citizens in Gaza and avoid an escalation of the conflict.

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