Channel migrant rescued from kayak as 1,200 cross in just two days

Channel migrant rescued from kayak as 1,200 cross in just two days
Mark White

By Mark White

Published: 05/08/2022

- 12:12

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:46

The man was one of around 1,200 migrants who crossed the Channel in just two days this week

A migrant has been rescued from a Kayak in the English Channel this morning after paddling across from France overnight.

The man was finally picked up by the Border Force vessel Typhoon just after 9am, around 5 miles off the Kent coast.

He was taken to the Border Force processing centre in Dover for medical and other checks.

He was one of around 1200 migrants who crossed the Channel in just two days this week.

The Border Force typhoon
The Border Force typhoon
GB News

Weather conditions have prevented small boat crossings for most of the week.

But a record number of 696 people arrived in calm conditions on Monday, and another 470 arrived yesterday and overnight.

The Ministry of Defence, who publish daily small boat figures, said that 388 people had arrived yesterday during daylight hours.

GB News’ Kent based producer said that, along with the arrival of the man in the Kayak, authorities responded to two other small incidents.

The Kayak brought in at Dover
The Kayak brought in at Dover
GB News

Dover lifeboat arrived back into port around 1:30am with 40 people on board. Shortly after 5am, the Border Force vessel Hurricane arrived in Dover with more than 50 people it had picked up.

The processing centre at Dover only reopened to Channel migrants again on Thursday, after border travel delays at the ferry port forced Border Force to move operations to Ramsgate harbour.

The surge in Channel migrant arrivals comes as the two final Tory leadership candidates reiterated to party members that they do have plans to tackle the small boats crisis.

Rishi Sunak told an audience on Sky News last night that he had a ‘10-point plan’ to deal with the problem.

That plan includes housing illegal immigrants off shore on cruise ships. Mr Sunak said he also planned to create a "small boats taskforce" with military expertise to stop the Channel crossings.

Countries that refuse to take back failed asylum seekers, or their citizens who commit crimes in the UK, would be denied any money from the UK’s £11.5 billion aid budget.

Mr Sunak has also promised to do "whatever it takes" to make sure the Government’s Rwanda policy succeeds.

Rival candidate Liz Truss has said she also backs the Rwanda policy.The leadership hopeful said she plans to increase Border Force staffing levels and ensure a British Bill of Rights is passed, so courts are not bound by the European Convention on Human Rights.

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