Bonfire night cancelled in a number of UK cities as councils are strapped for cash

The crowd watching the Alexandra Palace Fireworks and laser display in north London
The crowd watching the Alexandra Palace Fireworks and laser display in north London
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Roisin Lynch

By Roisin Lynch

Published: 13/10/2022

- 12:45

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:36

Cities including Manchester and Glasgow have been forced to cancel firework displays

The financial pressures of the cost-of-living crisis has caused a number of UK cities to cancel their firework displays.

Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow and Leeds are among several cities not going ahead with firework displays this year.

Manchester City Council announced today that “escalating costs” were partly to blame for its decision to axe the yearly event. Typically, the city’s display attracts over 100,000 people.

A council spokesperson broke the news to Manchester locals that the event would not be going ahead for the third year in a row today.

The crowd watching the Alexandra Palace Fireworks display in north London. Picture date: Saturday November 6, 2021.
Alexandra Palace Fireworks display in north London.
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They said: "A combination of factors including the escalating costs of delivering large bonfire events, increasing safety and organisational measures needed and increased pressure on council budgets have ultimately led to the decision.

"The council will assess the impact of this year's events not going ahead as part of a review into the approach to futurebonfire events.

"The council is reprioritising its neighbourhoods funding to focus on a program of community events and activities throughout the winter focussing on fun, free activities for families and young people."

Councils in Leeds, Hackney and Cardiff also had to deliver disappointing news about Guy Fawkes night as they don’t have enough money in their budget.

Bonfire night is an annual event is the UK that commemorates the failure of Guy Fawkes gunpowder plot to take down Parliament tin 1605.

Bonfire night has had fewer displays over the past three years as events were unable to go ahead due to the Covid pandemic.

There is potential of more councils cancelling their Bonfire night displays as many are struggling to find the cash to go ahead with their plans for the famed night.

Hackney Councillor said they needed to “weigh up their priorities” as they face ongoing financial difficulties.

"While we're sorry not to be hosting a fireworks display in Clissold Park this year, we have to weigh up our priorities as our finances continue to come under pressure from rising inflation and costs."

It’s not all bad news. In London, Wimbledon Park, Alexandra Palace, Morden Park, Chiswick Park, Battersea Park, Beckenham, and Barnes Sports Club are all still due to host their bonfire nights.

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