BBC's shamed: Stunt exposes devastating impact of broadcaster's 'irresponsible' Israel coverage

BBC's shamed: Stunt exposes devastating impact of broadcaster's 'irresponsible' Israel coverage

Campaign Against Antisemitism protest BBC reporting on Israel-Hamas war

Campaign Against Antisemitism
Harvey Gough

By Harvey Gough

Published: 19/10/2023

- 17:11

Campaign Against Antisemitism wanted to share ‘the impact incorrect reporting is having on British Jews.'

Activists from Campaign Against Antisemitism have targeted BBC Broadcasting House in London as the site of their latest demonstration.

In a video posted to the group’s social media, the charity criticises the BBC’s coverage of the ongoing war in the Middle East between Israel and Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

The video begins with text reading: ‘The BBC’s reporting on Israel has been inflammatory, incorrect, and irresponsible. Last night, we decided to show them the consequences British Jews are facing.’

This is followed by footage of the BBC headquarters in London, with a video presentation by the charity projected prominently ahead of the building’s entrance.

Campaign Against Antisemitism

Campaign Against Antisemitism project their message onto BBC Broadcasting House

A message is displayed on the building, reading: ‘This is the impact incorrect reporting is having on British Jews.’

At this point, a short section of a BBC News broadcast is presented in which the reporter is discussing the destruction of the Al-Ahli Arab hospital in Gaza, which caused the deaths of hundreds of civilians.

This attack was originally tied to Israeli air strikes by many, amid unconfirmed reports, including from terrorist group Hamas themselves. However evidence now points to a misfired rocket from Palestinian jihadists being the cause of the explosion.

Despite this, in the BBC clip taken from just hours after the blast, the reporter states: “It is hard to see what else this could be, really, given the size of the explosion, other than an Israeli air strike.”


A Jewish restaurant is targeted in LondonA Jewish restaurant is targeted in London after Hamas' attacks Reuters

The video from Campaign Against Antisemitism then reads: ‘When you get it wrong, people react… some become dangerous.’

Following this, the video shows vulgar messages with anti-semitic sentiment taken from social media.

The first reads: ‘JEWISH B******s Murder 800 Dead in Raid of Palestinian Hospital Death To Zionist State Of Israel.’

Another, contains a picture of two long-bladed weapons, alongside the message: ‘Cut The Head if [sic] the Zionist Jewish Pig State of Israel Enough is Enough. Bring it on You Zionists Jewish B******s!’

BBCThe BBC has faced backlash over its decision to not brand Hamas terroristsPA

The final message displayed reads: ‘There Won’t Be A F*****g Jew Walking The Streets of London If This Carries On.’

The video the charity projected was also posted to the group’s page on social media site X, alongside the message: ‘Words matter. And so do Jews.’

The group weren’t the only ones to take aim at the BBC over their report, with the Israeli Defence Force itself saying on social media the BBC "claims to be impartial and independent" but "they choose to believe a genocidal terrorist organisation”.

As well as incorrectly reporting on the hospital strike, the BBC has also faced criticism for refusing to refer to Hamas as a terrorist group despite the group’s surprise attack on civilians.

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