Morrisons trials new feature for loyal customers - could you save money?

Morrisons store and happy shoppers

Morrisons is trialing a new loyalty scheme

Patrick O'Donnell

By Patrick O'Donnell

Published: 16/04/2024

- 16:58

Several UK supermarkets have changed their loyalty scheme to offer more targeted deals to customers

Morrisons is trialling a new scheme for loyal customers which will offer customers “personalised” deals which could save them money.

The supermarket retailer is in the midst of trialling its “My Points Booster” feature which is found in its More Card app.

What is the new loyalty scheme?

Through “My Points Boosters”, customers will receive personalised product, category and basket spend offers.

This will allow them to earn More Points when they shop and purchase qualifying products within the Booster.

The various deals presented to Morrisons customers will be based on their 12 months' transaction history.

Customers will be able to see 20 offers and activate up to 10 of these offers with the more someone buys, the more points they can earn.

Morrisons store

The supermarket chain is evolving the way it offers deals to customers


How can someone access the new loyalty scheme?

Shoppers will be able to find their Points Boosters by clicking on the “Collectors” section of the supermarket chain’s app or website.

At this point, customers can click on the My Points Booster Banner. They are also able to unlock More Points by reaching specific spending milestones within a set period of time.

The feature is just a trial and not all Morrisons customers will be able to currently access it.

These deals are being run by Morrisons Media Group which is an organisation set up alongside advertising company SMG.

Morrisons More customers can collect points when they spend at the supermarket’s stores.

As it stands, customers can earn 5,000 points to get a More Card Fiver, which is the equivalent of £5.

Rachel Eyre, the chief customer and marketing officer at Morrisons, outlined this trial initiative may potentially benefit consumers.

She explained: “We’re excited to be launching even more media opportunities with MMG to further connect our customers with their favourite brands.


Shoppers are anxiously looing for new deals to save money amid the cost of living crisis


“These include industry firsts such as the ‘My Points Boosters’ trial that will offer more personalisation and greater value to our customers, as well as media opportunities already known and trusted by our suppliers such as trolley media.

“We’re also increasing the opportunities to showcase our unique Market Street counters with offers our customers will love.”

SMG chief commercial officer Lee LeFeuvre added: “The new initiatives that we are launching in the digital media space will help Morrisons to stay competitive and offer brands even more ways to connect with customers.

“We know that digitisation of the in-store experience will be big this year, and we’re delighted that Morrisons will be embracing this as part of its Market Street offering."

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