Lidl GB announces third pay rise in 12 months as supermarket invests an extra £2.5million

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Lidl GB has already increased hourly pay rates twice before in the past 12 months

Jessica Sheldon

By Jessica Sheldon

Published: 13/05/2024

- 15:44

Updated: 13/05/2024

- 15:52

Lidl GB said the three pay rises equate to a combined investmnet of almost £50million

Lidl GB is set to offer an industry-leading hourly rate of pay as the supermarket giant invests more than £2.5million extra in its hourly paid staff.

The supermarket will increase the pay for hourly-paid employees to a minimum of £12.40 across the UK, up from £12.

In London, entry-level pay will increase from £13.55 to £13.65 per hour.

The latest move, representing an investment of more than £2.5million, marks Lidl's third pay rise in 12 months.

The discount retailer now has more than 32,000 employees and a network of more than 960 stores in Britain.

Lidl GB's hourly pay rates will also increase with the length of service.

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Lidl GB will increase hourly pay rates from June 1, 2024


Depending on service, pay will rise to £13 nationally and £14 within London.

Lidl GB saw record trading and market share gains over spring, with Lidl's market share now standing at a record eight per cent.

Ryan McDonnell, CEO at Lidl GB, said: “As we continue to expand, we are welcoming more customers and attracting more colleagues into the business every day.

"It’s absolutely right, therefore, that we continue to offer industry-leading pay”.

Stephanie Rogers, Chief Human Resources Officer at Lidl GB, commented: “The critical role that our colleagues play in driving our growth is always front of mind for us, which is why we’re committed to offering extremely competitive pay alongside a raft of other benefits.

"We want to continue to support and strengthen the teams that run our stores and warehouses every day, whilst attracting the best new talent.

"This latest investment helps us to do just that”.

The new pay rates will come into effect from June 1, 2024.

The Real Living Wage, a voluntary rate which is set by the Living Wage Foundation and based on the cost of living is now £12 in the UK, and £13.25 per hour in London.

Last month, the statutory National Living Wage, which is the government minimum wage for people over 21, increased to £11.44 per hour.


The previous National Living Wage rate only applied to over 23s.

The minimum wage for school leaving age employees who are not yet 21 is £8.60 per hour.

For under 18s, the minimum wage rate is £6.40 per hour.

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