‘Ironic!’ Jeremy Carl accuses SNP of ‘anti-white’ agenda: ‘Scotland is 96% white!’

‘Ironic!’ Jeremy Carl accuses SNP of ‘anti-white’ agenda: ‘Scotland is 96% white!’

WATCH NOW: Jeremy Carl accuses SNP of ‘anti-white’ agenda

Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 25/05/2024

- 10:21

Updated: 25/05/2024

- 10:51

Former First Minister Humza Yousaf has previously claimed that Scotland 'has a problem of structural racism'

Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Jeremy Carl has hit out at former Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf, following his departure as the leader of Scotland ahead of the UK's general election.

Speaking to GBN America, Carl highlighted the "irony" of Yousaf's previous comments on a predominantly "white" Scotland when in the role of Justice Secretary.

Addressing Holyrood, Yousaf said: "The reality and the evidence that is in front of us is that Scotland has a problem of structural racism. In 99 per cent of meetings I go to, I am the only non-white person in the room."

Sharing his thoughts on the remarks, Carl told host Steven Edginton that it was "particularly trenchant" and Yousaf's speech had "made it over to the US" as people were "paying attention".

Humza Yousaf and Jeremy Carl

Jeremy Carl hit out at 'ironic' Humza Yousaf comments on 'white' Scotland


Edginton also criticised the remarks made by Yousaf and said his views were expressed in a "vitriolic way".

He added that there is an "acceptable anti-white discrimination and racism" in governments not just in Scotland, but also the US.

Carl explained: "It made it over to the US and people were paying attention, because I believe Scotland is still like 96 per cent white and presumably, overwhelmingly ethnically Scottish.

"I have spent a fair bit of time out there, and there was a particular irony with Yousaf complaining that there was something scandalous about Scotland being Scottish."

John Swinney

John Swinney was elected the new First Minister of Scotland after Yousaf's departure


Comparing the SNP's alleged "anti-white agenda" to that in the US, Carl revealed that it is "different", but particularly in popular culture and the entertainment industry, these ideologies are pushed onto young Americans.


Carl told GBNA: "In the US, where we've done more kind of integration of different groups over time, I think it's a little bit different.

"Even if you look at a musical like Hamilton, which in certain ways was a big Broadway smash, is actually an intermediate example."

He continued: "In certain ways it's kind of lionising the Founding Fathers, but ultimately the only white character in that show who is the bad guy is King George, and everybody else is minority, right? So that is sort of saying something."

The Senior Fellow also warned that America's history is "being erased" due to a "new set of heroes rising", and statues of historical figures are now at risk of being taken down.

Jeremy Carl

Jeremy Carl warned that America's history is 'being erased'


Carl revealed: "Beyond just cultural examples, there's all sorts of other examples - you have monuments coming down.

"And at first these were just the Confederates, the kind of rebels during the Civil War and people like me warned they will start there because those are the easy victims, because their cause is not seen as particularly sympathetic in 21st century America. But it will not stop there.

"And now what we see is statues of Thomas Jefferson, statues of George Washington, statues of Abraham Lincoln being taken down and a new set of heroes rising and America's history being erased, just as people like me predicted."

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