Jeremy Carl hits out at Hollywood: 'Lionising the Founding Fathers’

Jeremy Carl hits out at Hollywood: 'Lionising the Founding Fathers’
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 24/05/2024

- 20:48

Fellow at Claremont Institute Jeremy Carl spoke to GBN America

Political commentator and fellow at Claremont Institute, Jeremy Carl, has blasted Hollywood for it's criminalisation of white-people.

Speaking about his new book on GBN America which claims the US is being torn apart by “anti-white” racism, Carl told Steven Edginton that the entertainment industry ‘lionises the Founding Fathers’ in the smash hit Hamilton

Speaking about the Broadway show, which is now a film he said: "If you look at a musical like Hamilton, which in certain ways was a big Broadway smash is an intermediate example, and in certain ways it's kind of lionising the Founding father.

"But ultimately the only white character in that movie, it became a movie but it was a show, the bad guy is King George and everybody else is a minority, right? So that is sort of saying something.

“I think beyond those cultural examples, there’s all sorts of other examples. Whether it be in health care or monuments coming down."


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