WATCH: 'You have BETRAYED Britain' Steve Bannon SLAMS Conservative Party as 'fu**ing left-wing liars'

WATCH: 'You have BETRAYED Britain' Steve Bannon SLAMS Conservative Party as 'fu**ing left-wing liars'
Steve Bannon: Conservatives lack the political will to fight
GB News
Steven Edginton

By Steven Edginton

Published: 24/05/2024

- 18:22

Updated: 24/05/2024

- 19:02

The former Trump advisor told GB News the Conservatives lack the 'balls' and the 'political will' to win

The Conservatives have betrayed their voters, lied to the public and governed as a centre-Left Party, a leading former advisor to President Trump has told GB News.

“You have been betrayed,” Stephen Bannon told GB News in an exclusive interview.

He continued: “Here's the reason you've been betrayed, is that the Tory party in 14 years [is] exactly what the Republican establishment is here. They're establishment neo-liberal, neo-neocons.”


The Trump-supporting radio host warned Nigel Farage against being associated with the upcoming likely election loss for Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives.


Conservative Party leader and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak


He said: “The Conservative Party has destroyed itself. I don't know why Nigel would… want to be associated and have the finger pointing, ‘Oh this only happened because of you’.”

Nigel Farage has confirmed he will not be standing in the election as a candidate for the Reform Party, however, he will tour the country to campaign for Reform leader Richard Tice.

The former Brexit Party leader said there wasn’t enough time to win a successful constituency campaign with there being just six weeks until the general election.

Farage also said the American election in November was more important than events in the UK.


Former President Donald Trump


Following the Prime Minister’s surprise election announcement, a snap poll found Labour to be 26 points ahead of the Conservatives in a new record lead for Keir Starmer’s party.

Bannon blamed the Conservatives for their polling deficit, saying: “You've been in power for 14 years. You've lied to people for 14 years, you misrepresented [sic] for 14 years.”


He added: “You changed British history with Brexit, and then you followed up with an overwhelming landslide that the people gave you a mandate. And that mandate, you completely dropped the ball on the responsibility of that.”

Bannon, who worked for President Trump in the White House in 2017, urged for a populist takeover of the Tory Party after their probable defeat in July.

“We've essentially taken over the Republican Party as a Trump institution,” he said.

“In fact, his daughter in law is now the vice chairman of it and doing a great job. That's what, to me, should be done with the husk of the Tory party is rebuild it with populism, rebuild it with nationalism and not nationalism as [in], ‘oh, this is going to lead into Oswald Mosley’.”

“No, I'm talking about putting the interests, the economic interests of those hard working folks up in the Midlands. If you put their interests first and just a piece of the action and a fair deal, they'll overwhelmingly come to support [you].”

Donald Trump’s poll ratings offer a stark contrast to Rishi Sunak’s, with the firebrand leader of the Maga movement consistently beating President Biden in key swing states and in national opinion polls.

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon didn't hold back

GB News

Bannon described Trump as being “as close to a populist, an economic nationalist, as you're going to get in today's environment”.

On the other hand, he said: “The Conservatives have done the exact opposite. The Tory party is a perfect example. They've been a centre-Left Party, and every time they had to make a tough call, until recently to save themselves, they’ve blinked.”

Bannon continued: “Go back to the conservative manifesto that David Cameron put out in 2010.”

“They talk about migration, immigration, all the policies are laid out there.”

“They didn't stand up for any of them. They didn't fight.

“The leading quality today is not intellect. The issues in front of us are pretty straightforward. It's about political will, and it's about who will step into the breach and fight.”

The former Trump advisor blamed events in the 1960s for the “cultural collapse of the United States”, however, Bannon asked of the UK: “My question is, what did the Conservatives do to stop it?"

“They wrote a bunch of white papers. They had a bunch of conferences. They went to have drinks at [private members club] Whites and in the United States with George Will and David Brooks, all these guys in bow ties.

“Here's what [they] did to stop it. Nothing. You know why they did nothing? Because it’s too.. hard to do it. They're gutless.”

“The reason this in the shape it's in is because the Conservatives who talked a good game about doing better, didn't have the balls to sit there and fight and say, no.”

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