Ulez camera vans being vandalised by furious drivers in response to controversial expansion

A Ulez camera van

Some of the Ulez camera vans have been vandalised

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 14/09/2023

- 10:34

More than 500 separate incidents have been reported of people damaging Ulez cameras

Furious drivers in and around London have started targeting camera vans being used to enforce the rules of the Ultra Low Emission Zone expansion.

Motorists have made their voices heard over the last month in response to the controversial decision to expand the Ulez to cover Greater London.

Social media users have been posting about the location of the camera vans, with some images even showing people causing damage.

This has included the vans covered in graffiti, cameras covered by bags and even having the tyres deflated.

A Ulez camera

Transport for London confirmed the damaged cameras would be replaced as soon as possible


Thousands of drivers have also joined a Facebook group that encourages other people to report sightings of the vans.

The vehicles have been deployed in response to the trend of people damaging and even taking down Ulez cameras around London, which was popularised by the “Blade Runners”.

The Metropolitan Police revealed that 510 crimes relating to Ulez cameras were reported between April and August, with two people being arrested.

Drivers who do not pay the £12.50 daily charge could be hit with a £180 fine from Transport for London, although this is dropped to £90 if they pay within 14 days.

Speaking at the time of the expansion, London Mayor Sadiq Khan warned drivers to “stay on the right side of the law” and not attack the cameras.

A spokesperson for Transport for London said: “Vandalism is unacceptable and all incidents on our network are reported to the police for investigation.

“Criminal damage to Ulez cameras or vehicles puts the perpetrators at risk of prosecution and injury, while simultaneously risking the safety of the public.

“Camera vandalism will not stop the Ulez operating London-wide. All vandalised cameras are repaired or replaced as soon as possible,” PA reported.

The spokesperson also highlighted how the extensive camera network is necessary to allow the Ulez scheme to function properly.

Anyone caught driving a non-compliant vehicle within the expanded zone will be detected by the cameras, with fines being issued if they do not pay the daily £12.50 charge.

TfL has also urged all drivers to check the eligibility of their vehicle to ensure they are not caught out by the charges if they are unaware of their vehicle’s emissions standards.

It highlighted the £160million scrappage scheme, which allows all motorists with non-compliant vehicles to apply for money off a cleaner vehicle.


Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan has urged motorists to make use of the TfL scrappage scheme


Drivers who make use of the scrappage scheme can even get discounts on sustainable transport methods including bike hire, e-scooter rental and reduced costs for car clubs.

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