Women over 50 should steer clear of styling trick that ‘will age you’ warns celebrity stylist

Women over 50 should steer clear of styling trick that ‘will age you’ warns celebrity stylist
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Published: 07/03/2024

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Steering clear of restrictive styles can instantly rejuvenate the appearance

A person’s age should never dictate how they dress, but understanding what works best for your body shape can lead to more confidence.

By the time women reach their 50s, knowing what suits them becomes infinitely more important than chasing the latest trends.

Timeless cuts and softer colours are just some of the ways women can master an age-defying style, according to Miranda Holder.

In a conversation with GB News, the celebrity stylist shared some of her best tricks to adopt - and those to avoid at all costs.

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​Knowing what works best on your body shape is key ​


She warned that some of the looks embraced by women over 50, which are typically buttoned-up and restrictive, can add years to their appearance.

“Steer clear of anything too buttoned up, restrictive or formal,” Holder explained. “Though this look is elegant, it can appear dated, so aim instead for a combination of more casual, slouchy pieces worn with more polished smarter clothes.”

Sporting an overly coordinated look can also put women at a disadvantage once they reach their 50s, the stylist added.

“Give the matchy-matchy look a wide berth, particularly with accessories as, although tempting, this will also age you,” Holder said.

Mastering a timeless look doesn’t happen at the exclusion of colour. Women are encouraged to don bold tones as long as they complement their skin tone.

A simple way to find out which shades work best is to invest in a colour analysis because finding the right hues becomes trickier when the hair and eyes change.

Black is often a favoured choice due to its association with luxury and slimming effect on the body, but Miranda believes it’s one of the hardest to wear.

“Instead focus on your outfit toning in, wearing similar shades, to create a contemporary aesthetic,” Miranda explained.

Another styling priority is to create a subtle hourglass illusion with a few styling tricks that work on every body shape.

“Pay attention to where garments finish on the body as this creates a focal point in an outfit, so make sure hemlines finish at your narrower parts to look more balanced.


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Certain styles of clothing can knock years off a person's appearance


“Finally, burn any ill-fitting underwear - saggy bras do you no favours and there is a fabulous fit for everyone out there, whatever your budget and size.”

Other quick and easy styling tips that work a treat include the humble shoulder pad, which visually diminishes larger busts and tummies.

Rolling up sleeves will also add an energetic touch to any outfit while giving women the advantage of showing off bracelets.

It comes as the stylist shared how women can ‘melt away fine lines’ by following the ‘quickest' style hacks.

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