Women can instantly rejuvenate their appearance with 'brow trick' that creates 'younger look around the eyes'

Women can instantly rejuvenate their appearance with 'brow trick' that creates 'younger look around the eyes'

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Solen Le Net

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Published: 02/03/2024

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Applying makeup in the right areas will instantly lift the face

Wrinkles and fine lines are both signs of a life well-lived, but poor makeup techniques can make them look worse.

Cosmetics have become a crucial anti-ageing weapon as they create the illusion of a lifted appearance within seconds.

The eyes are a crucial area of the face because they’re the first to display signs of ageing.

Fortunately, experts have unearthed a number of ways to brighten the complexion using everyday tools like mascara and eyeliner.

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Diane Ackers, TV host & beauty expert for Doctors Formula Cosmeceuticals, shared a simple technique with GB News to instantly rejuvenate the area.

Her main recommendation is maintaining a “simple maintenance of the brows” so there’s a “natural arch".

She also recommends “using the rule of thumb not to use eyeliner or shadow that in a downward angle”.

The focus should be on extending the outer corner of the eyes to make them look more open and lifted, Ackers explained.

This can be achieved by applying several layers of mascara or applying eyeliner to create a cat eye.

Ackers continued: “Think 45 degrees upwards from your tear duct to brow and then the same from your brow edge to the eye.

“They’re the magical invisible lines not to step over for a younger look on the eye area.”

Blending in a downward motion risks closing up the eyes and making them appear droopy and tired.

Woman applying makeupApplying concealer in the right place will instantly lift the appearanceGETTY

Skin preparation is paramount before applying makeup because it will help achieve an even tone.

Aside from using the right ingredients, importance should be placed on eating the right foods to create a glow from within.

“Fresh and antioxidant-rich are the best,” claimed Ackers. “Superfoods and a balanced diet play a vital role in skin rejuvenation.”

She added: “Boost your skin’s natural water content with a daily dose of hyaluronic acid, not only does it boost hydration levels, but it minimises the appearance of fine lines too!”

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