Stop slugs invading your garden and destroying plants with household item 'they hate'

Slugs in garden

Slugs are more likely to appear in gardens at this time of year

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 29/09/2023

- 10:34

Slugs are more likely to appear in the garden at this time of year

Slugs are most active in the autumn and spring, with their mating season happening now.

Britons may be seeing more slugs and eggs in the gardens right now.

The pests can be mostly harmless but they can cause damage to plants.

Luckily an expert shared a chemical free way to deter them from your garden.


Slugs can eat plants in the garden


Expert from Seep eco-cleaning products Laura Harnett explained how to upcycle household items as a deterrent for pests.

She explained old copper scourers could be used in the garden as a way to keep pests away.

The expert added: "Use copper to protect your plants from slugs and snails without using nasty garden chemicals.

"They hate the metal as it gives them a small, harmless electric shock when they come into contact with it.

"Instead of buying expensive copper tape for your pots and plants, simply unravel your copper pan scourer when it’s no longer useful and this will have the same effect."

The start of October can be a good time to search for and get rid of slug eggs to help protect plants.

Experts have shared how to stop giant spiders from storming your home with "effective yet cheap" trick.

Spiders are more likely in the home from September to mid October as it is their mating season.

Slug on bark

Slugs enter into their mating season at this time of year


There are some smells that are pleasant for homeowners that spiders don't like.

For example, Britons can make a cheap and natural repellent using peppermint oil.

One man recently shared pictures as he found a spider hole in his garden.

The small hole was likely home to a biting spider.

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