'I'm a dermatologist and there's an exact amount of sunscreen you should be wearing on your face every day to reduce wrinkles'

Woman applying sunscreen to her face

A dermatologist shared an important anti-ageing tip

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 11/07/2024

- 11:11

Updated: 11/07/2024

- 12:16

An expert encouraged people to use two fingers of sunscreen for their entire face

Wrinkles - the lines and creases that form in the skin - are totally normal. However, many women find them unsightly and want to reduce their appearance.

A dermatologist shared her three top tips for minimising this sign of ageing. She advised people to stock up on sunscreen and moisturiser, but be mindful of their use of retinol and vitamin C. When applying sunscreen, the expert urged women to use two fingers of the product.

Dermatologist Dr Paul took to TikTok to provide her tips on how to "reduce" wrinkles.

She urged people to apply sunscreen every day, using two fingers of product for their entire face. The sunscreen should be SPF30 or higher.

Woman with beautiful skin

Diligent application of sunscreen and moisturiser is advised


This comes as a plastic surgeon shared how women can reduce their mouth wrinkles with a skin product.

Dr Paul also urged those who have wrinkles to stock up on a good moisturiser. Using a moisturiser will "plump up those fine lines".

As for other skin care products, Dr Paul suggested you might want to go easy on ones that can "sting".

She said: "Yes, retinol and vitamin C help, but if you're using way too many products that are causing stinging of the skin, slow down - that's too much."

In the comments section, one woman asked the expert what they should do to minimise under-eye wrinkles. She advised that eye creams including retinol or hyaluronic acid could be beneficial to a degree.

Another asked about the importance of wearing sunscreen indoors. Is it a product we must diligently apply even if we're not going outside?

To this, the expert explained that if you're near a window, UV rays can get through and cause "damage" to the skin.

A plastic surgeon has also shared his tips for younger-looking skin. While cosmetic surgery is an option for people who want to reverse the clock and alter their appearance, the renowned surgeon told women there are simple at-home habits that can make a real difference to their look without ever having to go under the knife.

Woman applying sunscreen to her face

The expert advised you should be using SPF 30 and above


His expert hack works best on those who have low and somewhat bushy eyebrows.

Dr Youn also provided some top tips for women whose necks are not as taut and tight as they once were.

According to the expert, you can lift and tighten your droopy neck without going under the knife.

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