Get healthier, hydrated hair by 'ditching' a common styling technique that 'adds stress' to your locks

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Heated styling can be particularly damaging during summer

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 08/07/2024

- 11:58

A good hair care routine can help you achieve long and healthy locks

Our hair can be damaged easily, so it is important to take the right steps to avoid this happening.

Experts have advised women to ditch a common styling tool if they want to look their best, especially as the weather heats up.

Many people know the risks of the sun for the skin, but hot weather can also wreak havoc on our hair.

Our locks can become dry, discoloured and more susceptible to damage during the summer months, so you do not want to add more unnecessary stress to the hair.

Drying hair

Natural styling will help the health of hair


That's why experts at the beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha recommended putting away straighteners and tongs.

They said: "Over the next few months, it’s heavily advised to ditch the heated styling tools and embrace your natural hair type.

"Hair straighteners and curling irons can apply extra stress to hair during summer, resulting in split ends and dry-looking hair."

Heating styling can be damaging at the best of times so it's worth avoiding when the sun is out. Instead, opt for natural styling methods.

The experts continued: "After being out in the sun all day, heated appliances exemplify sun damage, so opting for natural styling techniques over the warmer months ahead is better."

Women can use this as an opportunity to embrace their natural hair texture or use heatless styling techniques such as braids, rollers or heatless curlers.

This comes as a hair expert advised against washing your hair every day as this can also leave hair "dry and brittle". They said: "Unless your hair gets oily super fast, skip the daily washing.

Woman with blonde hair

An expert encouraged women to embrace their natural hair


"Instead, try co-washing with a conditioner. This gentle cleanse will remove dirt and product build-up without stripping your precious moisture.”

Choosing natural shampoos and hair care products can also help to nourish the hair and preserve natural oils.

The expert added: "Choose shampoos, conditioners and styling products with natural ingredients to avoid harsh chemicals that can strip away natural oils and damage your hair.

"Look for products that are sulphate-free and contain nourishing components like argan oil, shea butter or aloe vera."

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