'It's really important!' Woman, 53, who gets told she looks years younger shares tips for radiant skin

Woman looking younger

A woman has opened up on her routine for younger looking skin

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 11/11/2023

- 07:00

A woman who is often mistaken for looking years younger has shared her routine

How we age depends on a mix of factors, including skin care, lifestyle and genetics.

One woman who is blessed with younger looking skin shared her secrets to "maintaining a youthful glow".

Debbie Brown, 53, spoke exclusively to GB News about her skin care routine and why it has been important as she aged.

She said: "My morning skincare routine is really important in helping me feel refreshed and ready for the day, as well as giving me a confidence boost before I head out the door.

Woman looking younger

Lots of factors contribute to the signs of ageing


"A lot of the products I use within my regime include collagen-boosting ingredients, as after a certain age our natural collagen supply depletes as we produce less estrogen, which in turn, can make skin look more wrinkly."

Collagen-boosting products are great for glowing skin as collagen helps with skin elasticity and hydration.

She shared some of her favourite products, including Absolute Collagen Mexerum Serum, Absolute Collagen Deep Lift Day Cream and Absolute Collagen drink sachets.

She added: "I like to supplement that with a radiance-boosting serum too. I don’t like overloading my skincare routine with products - who has the time in the morning?

"I like to stick to great quality ones that have proven results."

At night, Debbie continues her skin care routine and likes to use retinol, which is known to reduce the signs of ageing.

She added: "My evening skincare routine is not only a time to really take care of my skin, but to indulge in some much-needed self-care too.

"Much like my morning routine, I begin with a radiance boosting cleanser, and the Absolute Collagen Maxerum Serum, but moisturise instead with the Absolute Collagen Deep Lift Night Cream, which protects the skin’s barrier during sleep.

"I’ve also been introducing retinol into my routine, and treating myself to an LED face mask every other evening, to stimulate collagen production for that all-important firm feel."

Debbie went on to share the importance of diet and exercise and how they help her stay looking young.

Woman looking younger

She shared her favourite products


She continued: "Alongside a carefully constructed skincare routine, I also eat a high protein diet and lots of fruit and veg.

"It’s really important to drink a lot of water to keep you and your skin hydrated.

"In terms of exercise, I use a Peloton bike and do Pilates and yoga classes most days. I also love long walks in the countryside with my gorgeous dog Woody."

This comes as one woman, 52, shared her free secret for "fresh looking skin".

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