Women can look younger with hairstyle that 'takes years off' the face and 'hides any sign of ageing'

Women can look younger with hairstyle that 'takes years off' the face and 'hides any sign of ageing'
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Solen Le Net

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Published: 29/02/2024

- 13:58

Updated: 29/02/2024

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Stylists highly recommend one hairstyle that works on almost every face shape

Enjoying every stage of life is the key to ageing gracefully, but styling tricks can help you feel your best along the way.

Women generally want to beat time and extend their youthful appearance for as long as humanely possible. This leads some to fixate on the plumpness of their skin.

Minor changes to a hairstyle, however, can have a monumental impact on a person’s appearance.

Haircuts frame the face and make the hair look thicker when styled using the correct techniques.

woman with bangs

Curtain bangs suit most face shapes


Women are generally encouraged to opt for haircuts based on their face shape, but some cuts may have universal allure, according to Hair expert Alice Dawkins, of Milk + Blush.

She said: “We are all aware of the benefits of a good skincare routine, a healthy diet, exercise and plenty of sleep as ways of preventing ageing, but hair can also have a surprisingly powerful impact on how we look.

“An unsuitable or dated haircut can age your appearance. So, what styles should you opt for to maintain?"

According to the expert, long hair isn’t just for younger people, as displayed by celebrities such as JLo, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Anniston.

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it - but it’s what you do with it which will make you appear younger," Alice said.

The secret to looking younger with long hair is ensuring it maintains a healthy lustre and good shape.

“Don’t fall into the trap of letting your long hair hand down limp and lifeless," said Alice.

"Instead, enhance it with a curtain bang or choppy fringer, which looks good on almost every face shape and can help hide any signs of ageing on the forehead.

Healthy looking senior

Bringing movement to the hair can give any appearance a youthful boost


“Plus, add layers to remove any bulkiness from thicker hair and add width and texture to finer hair.

“And when styling it yourself, don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles."

Bringing some movement to your locks with a curler can also divert attention away from wrinkles.

“Long hair can be styled pin-straight, with soft waves, blown out, or with voluminous curls to add a youthful look that will take years off the face," concluded Alice.

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