'I'm 57 years old - finding the right hair parting for my face has knocked years off my appearance'

content creator with different hair partings

The content creator claims hair parting is key to a youthful complexion

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 22/04/2024

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A beauty guru has advised choosing a hair parting that highlights all your best facial features

Most anti-ageing hacks focus on improving the texture and firmness of skin, but even hair partings can make a big difference.

A parting on the wrong side of the face drastically ages its appearance by dragging features downward.

Fortunately, one content creator recently showed her followers how adding layers around the face can enhance the appearance.

Fifty-seven-year-old beauty influencer Schellea, who runs the YouTube channel Fabulous 50s, shared her top tricks to determine which parting suits the face best.

woman combing hair

Hair partings are crucial for framing the face


“Choosing the right hairstyle for mature women makes all the difference," Schellea explained. “As we get older, our hair texture changes, our skin changes, we get wrinkles, we get textured, and if we can choose the right cut for our face, everything looks in harmony.”

Firstly, Schellea recommends looking straight into the mirror to determine whether the jaw hangs slightly lower on one side of the face. Most people will find their features are slightly off-centre, but a hair parting can help restore balance.

The most crucial element is determining which part of the face looks longer. Individuals with a long face may find that a parting straight down the middle of the face will enhance this feature.

In this case, it is best to flick the hair over to one side to help break up the proportions, ensuring the hair sweeps towards the smaller portion of the head.

“If you have a longer face, a middle parting can accentuate it - long sections at the front will make your face look longer.

"Sometimes flicking hair over to one side helps to break up the proportions of the face, creating a more youthful look,” said Schellea. “Parting makes a huge difference."

“What I do is I compensate by putting my side fringe on the opposite side," she said, adding: "When I wear my side ponytail I wear it on the side of my face that is longer."

Creating volume around the neck is another good way to add softness to the face and ensure that everything works in harmony.

Middle aged woman with wavy hair

Finding the right hair parting for your face can knock years off the appearance


According to hair expert Justin Hickox, stiff hairstyles can add years to the face when hair starts to grey.

The hair guru advised against “contrived” and stiff hairstyles and instead encouraged women to enhance movement.

"Just understand that it is important that you have some movement and flow to your hair because it’s going to have a tendency to look a lot more youthful,” the expert noted.

To create volume, Justin advised drying the hair with a towel so it’s damp before applying a product of choice, combing it through or scrunching for equal distribution.

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