Woman gets in 'best shape of life' at 60 with help of 'fat-burning' tip - 'makes all the difference'

Woman working out

Fiona shares her workouts on social media

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 30/09/2023

- 05:01

A woman shared how she transformed her life in her 60s

Fiona Lambert, leading businesswoman, shared advice for looking incredible in your 60s.

She followed some diet and exercise tips that are not as intense as many may expect.

Fiona kickstarted her fitness transformation with a nine week diet and exercise plan where she tried to get into the "best shape of her life" before her 60th birthday. During this time, she lost an impressive 11lb.

Fiona said: "For nine weeks I did a diet that was no alcohol, no sugar, no dairy. I monitored by calorie intake."

Before after

Fiona went through a nine week transformation


Fiona began her transformation to help her stay "lively and energetic" and challenge people's perception of being in your 60s.

She also wanted to reap the health benefits and make sure she "lives healthy for a long time".

While she followed an intense diet originally, Fiona has tailored this to fit in with her current lifestyle.

The businesswoman explained she continues to limit dairy and will often cut out alcohol.

"Ditching alcohol carried benefits in your body and skin. I believe that it does become a bit more puffy," she said.

"I definitely think [not drinking] makes you look fresh in the face. [As you age] your skin needs more moisture as well."

Fiona has also kept up a consistent workout routine - but insists this doesn't need to be time-consuming.

She added: "I exercise, in total, four hours a week.

Woman working out

Fiona shared she only works out around four hours a week


"A couple of PT sessions which are an hour, and three or four 15 minute HIIT training sessions."

She credited the benefits of walking often as a little known way to "burn fat".

Fiona said: "People talk about walking your 10,000 steps, it really does make a difference because it is fat-burning and people don't realise."

The 60-year-old added there is "no quick fix" but making sure diet and fitness are on point will make a difference.

Her results were also improved with GELIDA, a wellness and aesthetic company which offers treatments such as skin tightening.

Fiona added: "I had the GELIDA treatment because the reality is, I've had kids and... this is a 60 year olds stomach. To find a treatment that supports that is important."

The fitness fanatic now shares her lifestyle advice with followers on her Instagram account, @fionalambertofficial.

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