Achieve 'long, glossy hair' by skipping a daily habit that leaves your locks 'dry and brittle'

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Skipping daily washes can help your hair

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 06/07/2024

- 13:13

What we do with our hair every day directly impacts how well it grows and how good it looks

Eating the right foods, drinking plenty of water and being mindful when styling are all things that can give you enviable locks.

Washing your hair with the right products is also important, but doing this too often can leave your hair "dry and brittle".

Most people do not need to lather up every day. In fact, doing this could be making your hair look worse, according to wellness expert and owner of supplements brand Miracle Leaf Agnieszka Kozlowska.

She said: "Unless your hair gets oily super fast, skip the daily washing. Over-shampooing can strip away your hair's natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle.

Washing hair

Shampoo can strip natural oils


"Instead, try co-washing with a conditioner. This gentle cleanse will remove dirt and product build-up without stripping your precious moisture.”

Co-washing involves using only a conditioner when in the shower and can be a healthy alternative to shampooing too often.

To do this, massage conditioner from the scalp to the ends before rinsing, drying and styling as normal.

This will suit those with thick, dry or curly hair best as using conditioner on the scalp can make thin hair appear greasier.

The expert shared further advice for choosing the best shampoos and hair care products, recommending natural ingredients over products loaded with chemicals.

Agnieszka continued: "Choose shampoos, conditioners and styling products with natural ingredients to avoid harsh chemicals that can strip away natural oils and damage your hair.

"Look for products that are sulphate-free and contain nourishing components like argan oil, shea butter or aloe vera."

Using natural hair masks, or even making your own, is another way to add shine to your hair at any age.

The expert added: "DIY hair masks - with natural ingredients like avocado, honey, or yoghurt - are a great way to add moisture, shine and a touch of TLC to your strands.”


Woman drinking water

Drinking plenty of water will also reflect on your hair


Hydration and eating the right foods are important too as what we put into our body is reflected in our hair.

Agnieszka continued: "Nourish your hair from the inside out. Eat a balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins (especially A, C, and E) and minerals like iron and zinc. These vitamins and minerals support hair growth, strength, and repair.

“Hydration is vital for maintaining hair elasticity, preventing breakage, and fostering a healthy scalp. Aim for around eight glasses a day to keep your body and your mane hydrated."

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