Driving law changes coming in September will have major impacts on British motorists

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Many driving law changes are being introduced this month

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 01/09/2023

- 09:04

Drivers could potentially lose access to their driving licence and receive speeding fines this month

September will see motorists face a whole host of new driving laws, which could potentially see them face huge consequences.

Many drivers are still rebounding from the effects of Sadiq Khan’s latest expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Thousands of drivers in Greater London are now at risk of paying a £12.50 daily charge every time they enter their car under the new emissions laws.

Motorists will now need to brace themselves for a number of new driving laws being introduced over the next month.

A number plate

New numbers will be introduced on number plates


New number plates

Today, September 1, new number plates will be rolled out to give drivers on the road an indication of the newest vehicles.

The new “73” plate is set to be introduced with a huge batch of new vehicle models making their way to forecourts across the country.

This follows the “23” plate earlier in March, as drivers can expect further plate changes next year including “24” in March and “74” in September 2023.

Experts are warning drivers that it could lead to motorists losing the value of their own vehicles as the new plates will further highlight how “old” the other vehicles are.

British driving licences in Spain

Expats living in Spain are being urged to switch their DVLA-issued passports for a Spanish one before the deadline of September 15.

From March 16, 2023, British citizens were given a six-month window to drive in the country using their UK or Gibraltar licence.

The GOV.UK website states that British expats living in Spain cannot renew or replace their UK, Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man driving licences.

Drivers can exchange their UK licence for a Spanish driving licence without needing to take a Spanish language driving test.

Wales 20mph speed limits

From September 17, 2023, the Welsh Government is introducing new default speed limits on restricted roads, dropping them to 20mph.

These roads are usually in built-up areas where lots of pedestrians are likely to be, although not all of these roads are suitable for the lower speed limits.

Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Climate Change, said: “As with any cultural change we know it takes time to win hearts and minds and inevitably we will face some challenges.

“But I am confident that if we all work together we can make the necessary changes that will benefit us now and in the future."


A 20mph speed limit

New speed limits will be rolled out in Wales this month


Inquiry into electric cars

The House of Lords has launched an inquiry to investigate how the Government will successfully ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030.

The consultation is asking industry experts and drivers to give opinions on the main obstacles and barriers associated with the ban. The consultation will close on September 15

Parking Code of Practice consultation

Another consultation will end this month on September 24, as the Government launched a public consultation in a bid to protect drivers when using private car parks.

One suggestion includes drivers seeing maximum fines being slashed from £100 to £50, while debt recovery fees could be scrapped altogether.

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