Drivers face major car insurance issues for parking outside and may have claims rejected

Cars parked

Parking in certain areas could lead to drivers having their insurance claims rejected

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 22/09/2023

- 10:07

Drivers are advised to tell their insurers of any modifications as soon as possible

Drivers could have their car insurance claims rejected depending on where they park, if they modify their car or if they lie on their policy.

With the price of car insurance dramatically rising in recent months, drivers are looking for any ways to limit the price they pay for vehicle cover.

While most drivers will make minor modifications to their policy in a bid to save money, others may take more drastic actions.

Experts are now warning drivers that they could have their claims rejected if they take steps to make their motoring life easier and cheaper.

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New data has shown that one in six car insurance claims are rejected because of unnotified vehicle modifications, which could include window tints or rear spoilers.

The second-most common reason for a rejected car insurance claim was parking in a particular location at a certain time.

People may state on their car insurance policy that they have a locked garage which is where the car is kept overnight, lowering the chance of it being damaged or stolen.

In the event that someone actually parks their car on the road, away from their house, this could lead to the insurer rejecting any claims if something does happen to it.

Kevin Pratt, car insurance expert at Forbes Advisor, said: “Car insurance policies are tightly-written legal contracts with obligations on both sides.

“If you modify your car in any way - fitting tinted windows could be enough - then there’s a chance your claim on the policy could be rejected.

“If you do make a change to your car’s spec, it’s important to tell your insurer immediately - don’t wait until renewal.

“That said, if you think your claim has been unfairly rejected and your insurer refuses to budge, you should consider contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service, which will rule on the matter.”

Around 14 per cent of drivers were also found to have their car insurance claims rejected for the practice known as “fronting”.

This is when an older, more experienced driver claims they are the main driver on a policy, with younger drivers usually benefitting from cheaper policies.

Kevin Pratt continued, saying: “With car insurance prices rocketing at the moment, it’s a good idea for everyone to test the market at renewal by running a quote comparison.

“If you’ve recently had a claim rejected, it’s doubly worthwhile running a comparison to make sure you’re getting the best deal.”


A car parked with a spoiler

Drivers could have claims rejected for unnotified modifications


Drivers are also being warned about misconceptions when at the wheel, with more than one in five drivers believing that taking Cannabidiol (CBD) oil will have an impact on their insurance, which it does not.

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