Woman sheds 3st 10lb with simple diet change during incredible weight loss transformation

Woman before after weight loss

A woman changed her diet plan to slim down

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 20/11/2023

- 14:56

A woman lost nearly four stone by shaking up her diet plan

Dewmi Minty, 34, managed to slim down dramatically with the help of a new plan.

She dropped 3st 10lb and improved her health during the transformation.

Dewmi had always struggled with her weight and was bullied as a child due to her size.

She turned to food for comfort, which saw her continue to pile on the pounds.

Woman before weight loss

Her weight caused health problems


The slimmer was overweight into her adult years and it started to take a toll on her health.

She found herself in and out of hospital with a range of health problems, often caused by her weight.

Looking to change her life for good, Dewmi signed up for the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

The plan links slimmers to personal diet consultants who help create a bespoke plan.

Dieters can fill up on a range of Cambridge Diet Plan products such as soups, spaghetti bolognese or even chicken tikka.

Not only did the diet change help Dewmi slim down, but she also improved her health.

The plan managed to stop her pre-diabetes from progressing and she has enjoyed better health.

Weight loss is not easy to achieve and there are lots of different plans on offer.

Woman before after weight loss

She lost nearly 4 stone


Another woman shared her impressive results with the help of the Cambridge Diet Plan.

Sian Doulton, 30, dropped a staggering 6st 8lb and also noticed her health improve.

One more woman lost 6st 6lb during her weight loss transformation.

She also noticed her mood improve as she slimmed down.

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