Turbocharge weight loss with carotenoid-rich vegetables as dietician says 'the more colourful the better'

carotenoid vegetables

Carotenoid-rich vegetables are helpful in fat loss regimes

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 03/04/2024

- 15:40

A unique set of nutrients in vegetables and fruit could support weight loss regimens

Diet is the cornerstone of weight loss practices and choosing the correct vegetables could enhance results on the scales.

Although no vegetable alone can thwart weight gain, natural sources of carotenoids may be particularly beneficial for slimmers.

Carotenoid-rich vegetables may be the best for tackling weight loss because they target fat tissue around the abdomen.

“Carotenoids are antioxidants in the body which help to protect against oxidative stress,” Emma Thornton, Nutritionist and Health Advisor, told GB News.

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Eating at colourful vegetables could speed up results on the scales


“Whilst the mechanisms for weight loss with carotenoids aren’t totally clear, it could be multifactorial.

“Carotenoids are thought to have some degree of direct effects on adipose tissue and even the brain and therefore could support weight loss in this way.”

All vegetables are revered for their unique ability to tackle ailments, but the more colourful they are, the more carotenoids they contain.

One of the overarching benefits of eating vegetables for weight loss is their fibre content, which is filling despite being low in calories.

The wide range of nutrients in vegetables - carotenoids and others - assist weight loss by boosting metabolic rate.

Some nutrients even increase the oxygen intake of blood cells which in turn improves the quality of workouts.

Emma continued: “Most varieties of vegetables could be helpful in a fat loss regime, but the brighter the colour the better.

“This suggests a better array of nutrients including carotenoids, and a variety of different healthy foods is always preferable.

“Vegetable juices such as Biotta carrot juice are also a natural source of carotenoids,” Emma explained.

Other external factors that can hinder weight loss efforts should be addressed quickly if they arise, the expert added.



The fibre content of vegetables has a satiating effect on the body


“Internal stress and inflammation can contribute to weight gain in the body," said Emma.

“This is a protective mechanism as belly fat creates excess stores of adipose tissue, which is accessible to your liver to be converted back into usable energy, quickly, should you need it in an emergency.”

It comes as an expert recently revealed to GB News that adding tea to the diet could help shed belly fat when adopted alongside other lifestyle changes.

Alanna Kate Derrick, an endurance sports nutrition coach writing on behalf of GoldBjj, explained that the nutrients present in certain varieties boost metabolism and help break down fat cells.

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