Cindy Crawford, 57, shares 'secret' to maintaining incredible supermodel looks

Cindy Crawford swimwear

Cindy Crawford has shared some skin care secrets

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 14/09/2023

- 11:22

Updated: 14/09/2023

- 16:09

Cindy Crawford gave a glimpse into her skin care routine

Cindy Crawford was the face of the 90s and she seems to have maintained her supermodel looks 30 years later.

She explained three products are a must before putting on makeup.

Celebrities use social media to give everyone a look into their glamorous lives.

Demi Moore recently shared pictures and has spoken about her secret to glowing skin at 60.

Cindy Crawford

She credited a good base routine


Cindy Crawford

Cindy has spoken about a "secret" skincare tool


Cindy Crawford has also linked with fans through this, with many wondering how she stays looking so healthy.

The supermodel has shared her skin care routine explaining she'll use a serum, eye cream and moisturiser before putting on any makeup.

When putting on eye cream, Cindy credited a tool for massaging the face and getting rid of puffy eyes.

"I'll show you a little secret that a makeup artist taught me," she told Vogue.

"These little golden balls... I like to put them in a glass of iced water... they are very soothing."

Cindy has turned her passion for skin care into a business, Meaningful Beauty.

The skin and hair care brand focuses on anti-ageing products and many of these make it into her daily routine.

More and more people have spoken about the importance of protecting skin from the sun in recent years.

Cindy Crawford

The supermodel often shares stunning pictures on her Instagram


This is something the 57-year-old has been conscious of throughout her life.

She has spoken about wearing a moisturiser with an SPF and many of the products in her brand have built in sun protection.

Wearing sunscreen can help prevent signs of wrinkles and fine lines.

UV rays found in the sun can promote premature ageing as the radiation causes the DNA in the skin to change.

Jennifer Lopez has also credited sunscreen as a secret to looking incredible at 54.

She explained she will wear this even on cloudy days to protect against rays.

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