Major new fuel could see drivers save hundreds of pounds a year on petrol and diesel prices

Filling up a car

Estimates show that it costs around £2,000 to convert a car

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 27/11/2023

- 11:26

The fuel is more than 57p cheaper than the average price of a litre of petrol

A new fuel source could see motorists save hundreds of pounds a year on their fuel bills as drivers deal with fluctuating petrol and diesel prices.

LPG, or Liquefied Petroleum Gas, is a popular type of fuel which can be used in vehicles, as well as heating appliances and cooking.

It can also be known as Autogas, with people looking to convert their vehicles to save on their average fuel costs.

According to RAC Fuel Watch, drivers will pay just 91.76p per litre for LPG, more than 57p cheaper than the average price of a litre of petrol.

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Currently, petrol drivers will be paying 149.36p per litre for petrol, although slight savings can be made per litre at supermarkets at below 146p.

Owners of diesel cars will be paying 156.59p for a litre at the average forecourt, with savings of around 2.5p also being seen at major retailers.

Motorists can also make an enormous 73p per litre saving if they have an LPG engine compared to using super unleaded fuel.

Based on the current price of fuel, drivers with a typical 60-litre fuel tank would pay £55 for LPG, compared to £89 for petrol and £94 for diesel.

This could result in some drivers saving hundreds or potentially even thousands of pounds a year on their fuel bills.

The majority of major petrol stations, including supermarkets, around the UK will not carry LPG, and will instead focus on petrol, diesel and any “super” variants.

Independent retailers are more likely to carry LPG as standard, with around 2,285 forecourts carrying the fuel around the UK, according to LPGStations.

If someone were to convert their car from petrol to LPG, a new tank would be separate from the conventional fuel tank.

This will usually be located under the boot and sit in the well where the spare wheel would normally be, with LPG tanks sometimes being known as a “donut tank”.

According to the RAC, it can cost around £2,000 to convert a petrol car to run on LPG.

LPG is supplied by Autogas, a subsidiary of Calor, in the UK, with the fuel being popular across Europe.

There have been some reports in recent weeks that there has been a sharp drop in the amount of LPG available in Ukrainian petrol stations.

The ongoing blockade of Ukrainian border crossings by Polish drivers has led to a sharp drop in deliveries of LPG.

Reuters has estimated that around one million cars in Ukraine use LPG as a cheaper alternative to petrol, with farmers accounting for the majority of use in 2022.


LPG fuel nozzle

LPG is already widely used across Europe 


Enkorr, a Kyiv-based fuel consultancy company, said six large petrol station networks had reported shortages, with LPG prices rising 30 per cent.

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