The best way to store bananas to keep them ripe for 10 days longer

Hand holding banana

A banana storage hack can prolong the life by 10 days

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 07/09/2023

- 07:00

Updated: 14/09/2023

- 14:24

Contrary to what many people do, bananas may be best kept in the fridge

Fruit often has a short life span, so anything that can help it last longer is a plus.

Bananas can quickly go from green, to yellow, to black, but one tip can stop them from going to waste so soon.

Food expert and founder of The Full Freezer Kate Hall explained the first step is storing them in the right place.

Most people will keep bananas out of the fridge, probably in the fruit bowl.

Bananas and grapes in fruit bowl

Bananas are often kept in a fruit bowl


In fact, 90 per cent of Britons do this, according to recent research by

Supermarkets will also display the fruit in a chilled, but unrefrigerated, area.

Storing bananas like this is fine when the fruit is not yet ripe.

However, it will make the fruit go off more quickly once it is ripened, according to the expert.

Instead, ripe bananas should be stored in the fridge. This could prolong the shelf life by up to 10 days.

Freezing bananas can also be a great way to make them last longer and stop food wastage.

Frozen bananas can be chucked into smoothies or used to make healthy desserts.

Bananas on shelf in supermarket

Bananas may be best kept in the fridge


Kate said: "If bananas are past the point of us wanting to eat them, you can peel them and spread them out on a lined tray then freeze them.

"Once frozen I store them in a freezer bag and you can add them to smoothies straight from frozen, use them for baking and make healthy ice cream.”

Many foods can benefit from being kept in the fridge.

Storing most foods in cool, dark places and out of direct sunlight will help them go further.

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